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Celeb Blogger Perez Hilton Joins The Circus

After much anticipation and rumors about Britney's father and ex-husband pressuring her to do the show, Britney Spear's Circus concert tour kicked off last night (3/3/09) in New Orleans.  The concert, which has been called a solid comeback tour, features Perez Hilton in a video which plays during the concert.

Did I say Perez Hilton is in Britney's show?  Yes, indeed. Perez Hilton shows up on the video screens to deliver a monologue while dressed as Queen Elizabeth. Then Britney appears and murders him with a crossbow.

What Did Perez Say About Britney's Opening New Orleans Show?

Since Perez is in the show, what does he have to say about it and Britney?  He has been quoted as saying Britney's show was "better than we had expected!"  He did note that Britney lip-syncs throughout the entire show.

About the lip-syncing Perez said "Now, let's get our biggest gripe/problem with the show out of the way. Yes, she lipsynchs during the entire concert. There is no live singing. None!. She recorded vocals to "sound like" live, but they were all canned, pre-taped."

The outspoken self-proclaimed Queen of All Media is actually following Britney around on her Circus tour to give his readers the inside scoop.  Perez has joined the circus, in more ways than one.

Good Words From Perez About BritBrit

Perez on his Perez Hilton Blog did say "the most jaw-dropping moment of the show was when Spears performed Breath On Me accompanied by two aerialists, who turned their bodies into a bed and sent Britney flying into the sky with them! But, not just that, she totally was fearless in the air and did some amazing moves herself in the air!.....And she's back, bitches!"

Perez Hilton - Britney Spears History

Perez and Britney have history.  If you remember, Britney Spears' record label Sony Zomba sued Perez back in December of 2007 for illegally posting tracks from a future album on his website. The company claimed Hilton - real name Mario Lavandeira - illegally obtained and uploaded at least 10 completed songs and incomplete demos from the new CD Blackout onto the site.

The copyright infringement lawsuit was filed by Zomba - which owns the copyright to Spears' recordings - on Thursday in the U.S. district court in Los Angeles, but did not specify the amount of monetary damages being sought.

Perez fought back by promising not to promote any of Sony's artists including Britney, Justin Timberlake or others.  He pointed out the lawsuit was completely personal directed at him since many other sites had done exactly the same thing but his blog was singled out.

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