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Perez Hilton Is Finally Ready For A Man And Kids

Dean Piper of the Sunday Mirror in The UK is friends with Perez Hilton, the controversial celebrity blogger.  Dean recently had the great opportunity to interview the sometime platinum blonde famous blogger on a recent trip to La La Land.

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Dean captured some interesting quotes from his pal including the fact that Perez considers himself "a C list celebrity" who has just gotten above the D List.  He refers to himself as a C+.

How did Perez lose 5 stone of weight?  By having healthy meals delivered to his home and working out."

Even more interesting?  He wants to "settle" down and be "the gay Angelina and have four kids."  He expressed that he "definitely wants to have children", whether he has a partner of not.  He said "I'm going to get a boyfriend this year, I hope.  And a good one.  I feel like I'm finally ready for a man."

Why now?  Perez shared that "for a long time I didn't want to date or get naked with anyone - I was so fat.  But I changed every part of my life to lose weight and have a better life."

Perez told Dean "I got a dog (Teddy), I'm working out six days a week, I only drink once or maybe twice a week. I was fat and ugly and never ­wanted to hook up - for a gay guy that's unheard of. I was like a monk or a priest. Actually not like a priest - they make out all the time."

Interesting to seek inside the psyche of Mr. Perez who I personally believe has a kinder, gentler side and is just doing his job.  I can totally relate to what he said and to his intense work schedule.  As a workaholic maniac myself, I respect and appreciate how much time he has put in to build his empire.

Not that Perez cares what I think, or anyone else for that matter.  The controversial blogger admits he doesn't care what people think of him. "I don't try to please ­everyone," he says. "What matters is what my ­family and friends think."

Perez says "for all those people who say what I do is trash or awful or that I don't make a good enough ­contribution to the world, I'm shining a spotlight on celebrities ­behaving badly and those that get it right."

He believes "I'm shining a spotlight on music and I'm shining a spotlight on political ­issues. I'm making bored people ­happy."  When Perez gets into a media battle with celebrities he is pleased.  Why?

"What's funny is that these celebrities are so stupid. I'm purposefully trying to goad them, I'm purposely trying to get a reaction from them and they fall into my trap."

Indeed some celebrities have had major meltdowns with Perez which makes them look bad, in most cases.  Some times, like Pete Wentz did recently, they apologize to Perez for having a public meltdown.  As I said early, Perez is jut doing his job which is to be the best damn celeb gossip blogger on the Web.

While many don't like Perez, millions do, which explains his amazing success.  That and a lot of back breaking work.out

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