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Perez Hilton's Hair - Book Signing At B & N

Famous Internet Celebrity Blogger and the self proclaimed 'Queen of all Media recently made an appearance (01-14-09) at the Barnes and Noble in The Grove, Los Angeles, California to promote his new book 'Red Carpet Suicide - A Survival Guide On Keeping Up with the Hilton'.

Perez Hilton aka Mario Lavandeira, is the creator of one of the most famous websites in the world.

The famous Perez  was looking very preppy and very thin (what's his diet secret?) with his normally DayGlo pink hair looking great in a trendy shade of rich milk chocolate with a hint of blonde highlights, especially woven through his side swept fringe.

He wore his hair short with a side swept front.  Accompanying Perez for the reading of his new book was his adorable dog.

(Image of Perez Hilton at Barnes & Noble - - All Rights Reserved).

As if he isn't famous enough, Perez made even more news today when he was joined up with famous columnist Liz Smith today to share some of his experiences.

Perez is also making personal headlines due to the recent bashing by Audrey O'Day who demanded that Perez change his blogging tone.  OK, whatever.

What I really want to know is about Perez Hilton's amazing transformation and the inside scoop on his book.

What other questions would I ask Perez if I was so honored to interview him?  First thing I would ask is who does his hair.  I would also ask how does he decide what color to color his tresses, what was his favorite color to date (I personally enjoyed the cotton candy pink) and when does he plan to come out with his own clothing line?

I would also see he would be willing to discuss his previous time with MultiMedia publishing where I have been freelancing for the past 8 years.  Hopefully some of his stardust will blow off onto me.  If not for his blogging fame, his great hair and physical transformation.

Meanwhile I have a book to buy and if I do run into Perez someday, he'll sign the inside cover.

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