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Perez Hilton Resplendent In White Tresses At 2009 AMA Awards

Whether you love Perez Hilton (he has many fans) or hate him (and many celebrities do), there doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the world class blogger, the man does have a dashing signature when it comes to his hairstyles, hair hues and his fashions.

He recently blew away the competition when he appeared at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween Party wearing a Lady GaGa costume complete with her platinum blonde tresses and her signature hair bow.

(Image of Perez Hilton on Red Carpet at Arrivals at American Music Awards - November 23, 2009 - - All Rights Reserved)

Perez appeared on the American Music Award Red Carpets last evening with spectacularly done platinum blonde tresses.  They were styled in a dashing, off-the-forehead tousled faux hawkish hairstyle which showed off his tan and piercing eyes.

Although I Tweeted Perez to ask for the name of his celebrity colorist, there was silence.  However, someone in the know Tweeted me back that Celebrity Haircolorist Kim Vo (Shear Genius Judge) was the colorist behind the platinum tresses of Perez.

Yes Perez looked dashing in an all-white ensemble from head to toe, but it's his pristine white hair which caught my eye.  Since I first became aware of Perez I was amazed by his willingness to take major chances with his hair, much like his best friend, Lady GaGa.

Over the course of the last few years Perez has had blue hair, green hair and a wide range of other hues.  He has worn his hair short and long.

Now that I know Kim Vo is the man behind the colors, at least for the AMAs, I am even more impressed.  Regardless of the current drama around Perez and regardless of the celebrity he's bickering with at the moment, I'm always amazed and impressed by his hair.

Afterall, that's what my own obsession is about, hair.  So at least I'm staying true to my calling.

Bravo Perez and Kudos to Kim Vo.

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