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Justin Timberlake At 2009 Grammy Awards With Al Green

Shortly after the Grammys had started and Jennifer Hudson won the first Grammy of the evening, The Rock was on stage.  The Rock introduced Justin Timberlake who got a huge audience applause when he came onto the stage wearing a fabulous black suit.

After the applause died down Justin started off by talking about growing up in Memphis Tennessee.  He said growing up in Memphis, Tennessee he learned that "a guy name Al Green (great gospel and soul singer) lived just down the block" from Justin.

Justin said he learned everything he needed to know about soul from Al Greene.  Justin said "he wanted so badly to meet this guy (Al Green)."  He would hear reports that "Al Green was down at the General Store".  Justin explained it was called the "General Store" because it was pretty general.  General meaning it sold things like bait, tackle, burgers.

Justin said he hasn't run into the Reverend (Al Green) lately. However, he said he was at the Grammy's tonight.  At that point Justin introduced Al Green.  Justin introduced Boyz II Men, Keith Urban and "the great Reverend Al Green".

After the song started and Al was singing, Justin joined all of these great musicians on stage.  It was an amazing performance with Justin and Al singing together, Keith Urban planning in the back groundground and Boyz II Men playing as well.

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