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Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair

Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair at 2010 Grammy Awards Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair at 2010 Grammy Awards

Introduction - Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair

"Tik Tok" singer Ke$ha showcased blonde hair at the 2010 Grammy Awards Show.  The outrageous pop star was wearing a thigh-length gold multi-layered fringed and glitter encrusted sleeveless gown.

Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair which was embellished with an array of lighter and darker blonde tones, her hair was decorated with white feathers which cascaded from her roots to her ends.

The star's long hair was beautifully styled in loose waves cascading waves which showcased her blonde hair, the lowlights and highlights as well as the feathers.

Ke$ha And Justin Bieber

Ke$ha had one of the best props for the Grammy show appearance.  She appeared on stage with pop superstar Justin Bieber.   Ke$ha and Justin made a striking appearance as they appeared to make a special announcement during the Grammy Show.

Both pop stars are almost as famous for their hairstyles as they are for their explosive entertainment careers.   Out With The Old Look & In With The New - Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair

Ke$ha With Full Mohawk Ke$ha With Full Mohawk

Ke$ha dumped her normal self-described "garbage chic" style and amped up her look with silver eyeliner and matching shadow.  She literally sparkled from head to toe.  It was definitely a departure from her previous fashion and hair statements and was a welcome change.  She looked beautifully glam.

Ke$ha and Justin appeared in the middle of the Grammy Awards to tell the home viewers, as well as the Grammy attendees, to vote on the Bon Jovi song they wanted to see performed during the show.

Ke$ha Helps Justin Recover From On-Air Mistake - Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair

Ironically Ke$ha saved the day when Justin made a huge mistake in front of millions of at-home viewers and the Grammy audience.  Instead of talking about selecting a Bon Jovi song, as he was supposed to, the pop star referenced Beyonce, who was not supposed to be mentioned at all.

Justin said "We're here to say that you can still go to and decide which Beyonce, I mean Bon Jovi, sorry.  Beyonce is just always on my mind.  They'll (Bon Jovi) be playing in a matter of minutes.

Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair at 2010 Grammy Awards Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair at 2010 Grammy Awards

Ke$ha immediately helped Justin recover from the mistake by saying "so will Bon Jovi be doing 'Living On A Prayer', It's My Life' or 'Always'?  Vote now, it's your chance to boss around a big rock band."

Summary - Ke$ha Showcased Blonde Hair

It was wonderful to see Ke$ha all glam with beautiful long blonde hair.

Although fans might think Ke$ha's unconventional dress sense including shocking, pink and purple hair might be part of her public stage persona, in reality, the singer adopted wild hair colors and fashions as far back as her teens when she lived in Tennessee where she moved with her mom and brother around the age of four.

Ke$ha claimed to the media she did not fit in at school in the Brentwoodsuburb of Nashville which she called the "Bible Belt", explaining that her unconventional dress sense including homemade purple velvet pants and purple hair did not endear her to other students.

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