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Justin Bieber Charms Oprah

Justin Bieber made his first official appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show this week.  Oprah's audience was packed with screaming girls and their moms and at times, the noise levels were such that Oprah could barely get a word in edgewise.

Oprah introduced Justin by pointing out that four years ago "he was just a typical 12 year old boy until his mom took a little home video and posted that on YouTube.  And look what happened."

(Image of Justin Bieber - - All Rights Reserved)

Oprah pointed out "People Magazine said Justin Bieber is the biggest pop star on earth.  Causing mass hysteria wherever he goes.  Justin sightings whip up young fans, and their moms to a screaming, crying, fainting frenzy."

Oprah gave a bio of Justin.  She said "Justin was born in a small town (Stratford) in Ontario, Canada."

She continued "he grew up in public housing with his young single mom Pattie Mallette.  Justin started playing the drums when he was only two years old.  And later picked up the piano, the guitar and the trumpet.  When he was 12 Justin entered a local talent contest (singing Respect) and came in second.

A few days later his mom posted videos of the event on YouTube. Which led to more and more You Tube videos.  That's when Bieber mania began.  Millions around the world took notice.  Including Usher and Justin Timberlake who fought over who would sign the rising talent."

(Image of Justin Bieber - - All Rights Reserved)

Usher said about Justin "his voice had a very unique richness.  There was something organic about his talent.  He had a confidence, a certain ring of soul in his voice and it was all him."

Oprah said "Usher introduced Justin to legendary record producer LA Reid who signed him on the spot."  LA Reid said about Justin "he has the Beatles haircut, the lovability of Michael Jackson, he has the talent of Elvis Presley."

Oprah said "Justin seems to be everywhere these days.  On Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon and at the top of the record charts with his latest album "My World 2.0".

When Justin came onto the stage he gave Oprah a long hug.  The fans were crying and screaming.

Oprah And Justin Bieber - Can We Talk?

Oprah asked Justin "can we talk" and told the audience it was the first time they were meeting.  Justin who looked adorable said "oh my god, this is amazing."

Oprah asked Justin if he has adjusted to all the fame and the events leading to his stardom.  Justin said "somewhat, it's been pretty crazy coming from a little town in Canada, and now being able to travel the world and do what I love (performing).  It's amazing."

Oprah said "did you dream of this happening to you?"  Justin "you know.  Somewhat.  I was from a little town in Canada just posting videos on line just for fun.  I never really thought it was possible.  So.  You know, I didn't really dream of it."

Oprah "why were you putting the videos online?"  Justin "it was just something I loved to do.  Once I started doing it (putting up the videos) I realized this was what I was meant to do."

Oprah wanted to know "who made the call?  Did you actually get a call from Justin Timberlake or from Usher?"  Justin "yeah, we were getting calls from a bunch of different management.  My mom didn't really know what was going on.  She didn't know if it was real, what it was.  And finally she got a call from this guy named Scooter.  And yeah, it just went up from there."

Justin's Mom

Oprah "Pattie, Justin's mom is here."  Justin's mom waved.  Oprah said to Justin's mom that she could understand being skeptical if a guy named Scooter was calling.  Pattie said "I didn't know what to think.  I know that he was really persistent."  She paused and pointed to the man sitting next to her and said "this is Scooter."

Oprah said to Scooter "so you weren't taking no for an answer, right Scooter?"  Scooter smiled and Justin's mom said "yeah."

Justin's Team Plus Scooter

Oprah asked Justin's mom "tell me this, do you worry about Justin growing up now with all of this?"  Patti said "Absolutely, yeah.  But he's got such a great team of people around him.  Like he's got Scooter and the team around us is there to protect his character and to treat him like a kid and to make sure he has fun and stays grounded."

Oprah "Justin don't you find that once you become famous and particularly when you're famous and you're paying a lot of people's salaries everyone around you tends to say what you want them to say.  What they think you want to hear. Do you worry about who you can trust?"

Justin "yeah, for sure.  No, we're really skeptical of who we let in our team and you know we have a really small team and we're really know, we just have fun, we're kinda like, we've grown to be kinda like a family and it's been incredible.  Sooooo."

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