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Justin Bieber $100,000 Hair Cut Price Tag

Justin Bieber With Long Fringe HairstyleJustin Bieber $100,000 Hair Cut Price Tag

Superstar Justin Bieber is famous for his hair.  Not only did his original swooped fringe hairstyle spawn millions of copycats, when the Canadian singer finally chopped his locks, his strands were purchased in auction for charity.

Some of the Bieber's fans loved his new chop, but others hated it.  In fact, the controversial chop resulted in scores of fans unfollowing him on Twitter and unfriending him on Facebook.  Bieber decided to get the famous hair chop shortly after he turned 17.

Another casualty of Bieber's big hair chop was the cost to toy doll maker, The Bridge Direct company,who had already cast the mold for a Bieber doll showcasing his famous trademark hair swoop.

In fact, the funky, shorter, hairdo cost the toy maker $100,000 and sent them into post-Bieber haircut shock.

Justin Bieber Doll

Jay Foreman, founder and CEO of the Boca Raton Florida based firm was horrified when they saw that the Biebs had chopped off his trademark fringe.  He told CNN Money 'We didn't want to disappoint fans with a Justin Bieber doll that doesn't look exactly like him anymore,' added Foreman. 'But there wasn't much we could do about it.'

The one year old toymaker was thrilled when they won an exclusive license to make the Bieber dolls back in June of 2010.  The unexpected haircut meant that the firm had to alter its autumn 2011 round of manufacturing to reflect the new hairstyle.  It was a last minute maneuver which cost the firm $100,000.

Although the new Bieber figurine set to hit store shelves soon will retain his former sidesweep style, the doll's hair has since been changed for the second round of production.  'Would I rather that Justin called me three months before he made a hair change? Yes. But we know that won't happen,' said Foreman.

Justin Bieber With Short Choppy Haircut

He said it could have been worse.  Afterall, if Bieber had gone with a Mohawk the toy company would have had a major problem.

Foreman has no hard feelings about the Bieber haircut.  He told CNN  'You take a risk when you're creating a product based on a celebrity.'

He said 'Justin cutting his hair is a big problem. It's not my biggest problem.  Retailers could pull all of the dolls off the shelves and send them back to me if there was any type of scandal. That could bankrupt me' he said.

Of course Bieber's fans who loved the Bieber's original trademark hair style with the swooped bangs might be thrilled to discover that the hair look has been preserved in a doll.

When it comes to the Biebs you just never know.

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