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Justin Bieber Made TV Debut On Ellen

Teen pop singing sensation Justin Bieber made his TV debut on Ellen 11/03/2009 and performed his hit One Time.

Ellen introduced Justin by saying he has received over 80 million views on YouTube for his song.  After Justin performed his hit song he stopped by to chat with the talk show hostess.

(Image of Justin Bieber - YouTube from his performance on Ellen Degeneres - November 3, 2009 - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen (who has a back injury) said "I just want to say I've never felt older in my life" when Justin came out and sat down next to her.

Justin was dressed in an open plaid shirt with a light plum t-shirt underneath and a pair of tight black pants with a silver dog tag necklace. Yes, he looked adorable.

His light brown hair was combed down over his forehead.  Ellen continued "normally I would be all over the place jumping up and down but I can't move of all days that you're here."

Looking at Justin she said "you couldn't be more adorable, there are some people in the Riff Raff Room (Ellen's audience) when we have overflow, people that don't make it in here, and there's two girls in there that are doing crazy.  Kristen and Laura come in here."  Ellen leaned over to Justin and said "they were crying so they're going to come in and sit in here."

Justin replied "realllyyy"  then he said "awwwww"  As the two girls walked into the main area of the show the audience cheered.

Ellen said "listen...this're 15 and your CD isn't even out and people who found you, found you on YouTube."

Justin answered "yeah, I mean I was in a singing competition awhile back, and I was 12 years old and my friends and family who couldn't make it wanted to see me so I posted those videos on YouTube and I guess it just kind of blew up."

Ellen noted "on YouTube just for your family to see and 80 million hits later, 80 million views.  And then Justin Timberlake and Usher have been fighting over getting you and you ended up going with Usher."  Justin confirmed "yes".  Ellen asked "what did Usher have to say as far as advice for you?"

Justin said Usher told him "just definitely to just stay humble.  It's probably the most important thing (Usher told him).  If I just stay humble and stay on the right path anything's possible."

Ellen said "exactly, cause you have the talent, you have the charisma, you're just as cute as you can be, you couldn't be cuter.  I mean you may be peaking right now.  Be careful."

Justin gave her a funny look and put his arms and hands out in an exaggerated shrug when she told him 'you may be peaking right now.'

Ellen said "that's how cute you are, I can't imagine you getting any cuter."  She continued "but you really do have to stay because this business is crazy, roller coaster so stay just really grounded.  And the girls just love ya.  That's exacting, right?  You like that?"

Justin smiled and nodded and then slightly shrugged again.

Ellen continued "yes?"  at which point the girls in the audience shrieked loudly. "and you have, it's not cockiness, it's confidence.  I like that cause cockiness is arrogant and obnoxious but you're very confident.  And did you ask Rihanna out?  Is that true? "

Justin nodded his head "it did happen."   Ellen seemed incredulous, she said "you asked Rihanna out?"  Justin said "yes I asked her out."  Ellen said "how old is Rihanna, like 20 or something?"  Justin shrugged again and said "I don't know, I just went in, I just went in."  Ellen said "aaahhh, sometimes you just gotta go in.  And what did Rihanna say?"

Justin said "uhhh, I mean, I'm not dating her, sooooo. You know what I mean?"  Ellen said "OK but you'll be friendly with her.

Justin said "yeah, so we'll be friendly.  Maybe in a few years.  Ellen said "you're going to wait a few years, maybe she'll date you later."

Justin said "yeah, maybe"  Ellen said "you never know."  Justin smiled and agreed "you never know"

Ellen said "god, you're just fantastic aren't you."  Justin said "thank you"  Ellen said "you're really great"  Ellen then ended the segment by telling Justin to "go say hi to Kristen and Laura over there" and closed that part of the show.

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