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Justin Bieber's Hairstylist Vanessa Price Cuts His Hair Every Two Weeks

Justin Bieber recently made hair headlines when he presented Ellen Degeneres with a bag of his recently snipped hair.  The talk show host posted the hair for sale on eBay where it fetched over $40,000 with the proceeds going to charity.

With all this talk about the value of a bag full of Bieber's hair clippings you might wonder who yields the scissors shaping the Bibermeister's strands on a regular basis.  it's hairdresser Vanessa Price who designed his original swooped fringe style back in 2009.

Price reportedly trims Bieber's hair every two weeks to keep it picture perfect.  The cost?  $760 per cut, just for the cut.  That doesn't include washing, drying or styling.  That might sound like a lot of money for a haircut but considering the Bieb's hair snippets went for $40,000, it pays for him to have the best haircuts in town.

Price travels on tour with the Biebs to make sure his signature strands always look spectacular.  Afterall, what would Justin Bieber be without his trademark tresses?

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