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In past articles I have expressed who much I personally admire talk show hostess and comedy maven Ellen DeGeneres.

I have been Tivo-ing her talk show since the very first show hit the air on September 8, 2003.

It's true I don't always agree with everything Ellen does, promotes or discusses, but I greatly respect her tenacity and unwillingness to ever give up in the face of any type of adversity.

Ellen is also a humanitarian using her talk show as a vehicle to promote worthy causes including the rebuilding of her hometown, New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina or promoting worldwide causes after major disasters.

In addition to large scale causes, she often provides special surprises to individuals in need such as wives of military men.  Her Twelve Days Of Christmas shows are the most popular in daytime television due to the great gifts provided to her audience.

When Ellen's career tanked after "coming out" in February 1997 and she suffered a very public break-up with actress Anne Heche she never gave up.  She re-invented her career with her current Ellen DeGeneres talk show and eventually went on to marry her long term companion actress Portia de Rossi (2008).

On a recent show Ellen was chatting with Tony, her fabulous on-air DJ, and sometime side-kick.  The blonde dynamo said "hey Tony, guess what I'm doing this weekend?  I'll tell you what' I'm doing.  I'm hanging out with Britney Bi-atch"  It was Britney Spear's birthday yesterday she turned 27.  She's already 27.  When I was 27 I was dating men."

Her comment to Tony is a great example of how Ellen uses humor about her own lifestyle and her belief systems as a platform for social change.

Of course I have to discuss Ellen's hair since that is a topic so close to my heart.  Ellen often makes fun of her own hair history often showing photos of her early stand-up career days when she wore a female mullet hairstyle.

As her talk show has progressed she routinely points out her own hair struggles making fun of bad hair days.

One thing has been consistent throughout her career.  Ellen has favored blonde hues ranging from white blonde to a beachy blonde with artfully applied lowlights to give her hair depth.  Her hairstyle is usually heavily layered and will range in length from medium to very short.

She has worn modified bobs and currently has a beautifully created crop that is a little too long to be a true pixie like Posh Spice.

Short hair looks good on Ellen.  It fits her fun and crazy personality.  Since she tends to wear pants and jackets with her trademark vests and running shoes, her short layered tresses works great.  Her hair fits perfectly with her personality and presentation.

Ironically Ellen doesn't promote her various hairdressers on the show like Oprah has done.  Of course with Ellen anything is possible and someday she may do that or even have an episode dedicated to hairstyling and/or makeovers.

Regardless, there is little doubt that Ellen will lose steam anytime in the near future.  She will continue reinventing herself with amazing success.

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