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Ellen Degeneres Celebrates 1,100 Shows

Ellen Degeneres announced at the start of her show today that it was "our 1,100th show."  The audience went crazy.  She continued "and it's also the 7th day of my sugar cleanse."

In response to her sugar cleanse Ellen said "ohhh, it's hard, it's hard."  She continued "everybody's freaking out that I'm not eating sugar.  And let me just say, when I say 'sugar cleanse' I tried to be clear about this but let me be clear right at the top of the show.  Cause everyone is flipping out."

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Ellen continued "When I say sugar cleanse - I'm eating sugar.  There is sugar in corn.  I'm eating corn.  There's sugar in oranges and I'm eating oranges.  There's sugar in cookies.  I'm eating cookies.  Everybody's sooo. But I haven't let my sugar cleanse stop me from celebrating my 1,100th show.  Earlier today I had a carrot cake (a photo of a carrot with candles in it was shown) and it was delicious.  It was so good."

Ellen said "So I've done 1,100 shows over the past 7 years and I don't do it alone.  I have to say there are a whole bunch of people who work behind the scenes and I want to thank them.  Because really, I could not do this without them."  Ellen then waved her hands to show her team.

Ellen said "A lot of my cameramen have been here since the beginning."  Joking she said "there's's not important what their names are.  It's important that I care about them and love them.  Names are labels.  It doesn't matter.  Alright most of the staff and the crew doesn't get to be on television because they're always back there.  And earlier today I went around and took photos with people so I could show you and these are the people who really are important to this show.  Make it possible."

Ellen started with one of her supervising producers, Melissa Geiger.  She showed a photo which was supposed to be of Melissa, but only Ellen was in the photo and she joked that "Melissa was supposed to be in the photo" and she said there's another picture of Melissa "but my eyes were closed."

Ellen also talked about her assistant Craig who has been with her for the run of her show and even before.  Ellen said Craig had been with Ellen for 13 years now.  Way before the show.  He does everything well and he does it with a smile."

She said "Craig is so important to me."  She showed a photo again and of course it was just Ellen.  It was part of her stand up routine.  She also thanked her famous mother.

Ellen finished her routine by sincerely thanking everyone who works on her show.

It was touching and funny at the same time.  And yes, she finished the bit by dancing with the audience.

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