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Ellen Degeneres Put On Hold By Oprah

Yes, I know, I say it all the time but I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres.  Yes, I have been watching every single one of her talk show episodes since day one.  I also was a fan of her comedy TV show and watched her "come out" on TV.  I have watched her stand-up specials, read her books.  Yes, I am a fan.  I also love Oprah although I am not able to watch her as often as Ellen I do tape her shows.

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If you follow Ellen you may know she sets a lot of goals for herself.  Her most recent goal was to get George Clooney to come to her show.  She ran an entire non-stop campaign with signs posted and all types of "Get George Clooney" bribes.  She finally accomplished her goal when George showed up on her set and it was a fabulous show.

O Yes I Can Campaign

Now that Ellen accomplished her George Clooney goal, her latest is to appear on the cover of O Magazine.  She announced on her Friday, March 7th show that she was going to run a special campaign to be on the cover.  She decided to call Harpo Studies (home of Oprah) to ask what she needed to do to be on a cover of O Magazine.

The funny gal loves to call people on the telephone.  It's one of her favorite show segments.

Ellen told her audience "OK well it's time for me to start living my best life. I'm determined to get on the cover of O Magazine and I'm calling my magazine O Yes I Can.  So I'm going to go straight to the top and you know how to get to the top of course you start from the bottom, so I'm going to call the receptionist over at Harpo Productions and see if she can help me out. If she has any ideas, I know she's going to say its a crazy idea, but that's how you set goals."

Ellen Phone Conversation - On Hold At Harpo Productions

As the phone was ringing she said to her producers..."this is Chicago, what time is it there?  They're still working right?"

The phone was answered "Good Evening Harpo"

Ellen "Oh hi Harpo, this is Ellen Degeneres calling, how are you?"

Harpo said "I'm doing well thank you."

Ellen "What's your name?"

Harpo answered "Ummmmmm for security reasons we cannot give that out. Sorry."

Ellen "OK....I'll call you Ted"

Harpo Ted:  "OK, that's sound good."

Ellen:  "OK Ted, I'm interested in getting on the cover of O Magazine, what do you think of that?"

Harpo said "ummm hold on for one second, OK?"

Ellen said "Oh god"

Ellen was put on hold with zippy music playing in the background.  Ellen started dancing with her hands, laughing and said to her audience "I think that's Stedman (Oprah's friend) on keyboard.  Her audience started clapping in time to the "on hold" music.  Ellen said "it's a big place."  She said "they're probably trying to get Oprah."

Ellen "Hello?"

Harpo Ted said "hi, hold on for one second."

Ellen said "OK Great.  I didn't have to ask any questions I just said I wanted to be on the cover they're probably going where can we fly you out Ms. Degeneres."

Harpo Ted laughing, said "I can still hear you Ellen."

Ellen said "Oh"

Harpo Ted "Hold on please."

Ellen "Thank you Ted."

Harpo Ted "You're welcome."

Ellen "That's security is tight over there at Oprah's.  Always listening."  Ellen waited as the same song started playing."

Time Elapsed:  4 minutes was flashed on the screen to show how long Ellen had been on hold.

Ellen said to her audience "I've been on Modern Dog, I'm gonna give them some ideas.  She held up the magazine."

Ellen continued "I was on More (holding up the magazine), I was on Allure (holding up the magazine), I was on W and Lifetime (holding up the mags).

Harpo Ted "Ms. Degeneres I'm trying to find someone for you. OK"

Ellen "I've been on other covers Ted."

Harpo Ted laughing "I'm sure you have.  Hold on for one second please."

Time Elapsed:  6 minutes was flashed on the screen to show how long Ellen had been on hold.

Time Elapsed:  7 minutes was flashed on the screen to show how long Ellen had been on hold.  Ellen said "we've heard that whole song now. Send your CD over so they can play that."

Time Elapsed:  9 minutes was flashed on the screen to show Ellen was still holding.

Ellen said "I'm not living my best life now.  Oprah would be upset, if she knew, she doesn't like things run like this.  I know that. Ohhhh a new song. The whole Oprah compilation."

Harpo Ted said "Hey Ms. Degeneres,

Ellen:  "yeah"

Harpo Ted "unfortunately Miss Winfrey is in a meeting right now, can I take a message and I can have her call you back?

Ellen's audience started to boo very loudly.  They were obviously upset for Ellen.

Ellen "Ted can you hear that?  There's an uprising (here in the audience).

Harpo Ted "Yeah, unfortunately I can."

Ellen "No, you know what I'm going to do, you just be quiet just for one second and we're just going to so some on editing here."  At this point Ellen pretended she was talking to Oprah.  She said "hey, Oprah how are you doing?  Good to talk to you too.  Listen I would love to talk, I have to go now. But I'll call you back. Alright?  Alright Oprah I'll call you back."

Harpo Ted said "alright"

Ellen hung up the phone and said "alright, she's call me back.

Which was the end of Ellen trying to get ahold of someone at Harpo to ask abou being featured on the cover of O Magazine.  Will Ellen stop her quest?  No way.  It is just the first round.  There is no doubt she will launch a full blown campaign until you see her smiling at you from the cover of O Magazine.

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