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Ellen Thinks About Life And Setting Goals

In the opening monologue for her wildly popular daytime show on March 5th, Ellen Degeneres told her audience after thanking them for being there and telling them how much she appreciated them about her musings about life as well as setting and achieving goals.

She said "I was back there, I was watching you and also thinking about life. Cause you know lately I've been telling you I've been thinking about life. And I go through phases where I think about life.  And then not think about life."

(Image of Ellen Degeneres - - All Rights Reserved).

Thinking About Life, Thinking ABout Oatmeal

She continued "I like to think about life but then sometimes I just don't like to think about life, I just think about oatmeal.  Cause that's easier and less complicated, soooo but what's important in life I find is to set goals and challenge yourself.  Don't you think, you can't ever be complacent  you have to set goals.

Setting George Clooney Goals

Sooo, I like to set goals, you might remember last Fall I set out to get George Clooney on the show and I was determined and I said it over and over again and I'm going to get George Clooney on this show,  I can do it.  And people looked at me like I was crazy.  And they said, Ellen, I don't think you can George on your show.  But the Doctor will see you now...come this way.

Well guess what nurse?  All it took was a few months of skilled pursuit, and a handfull of Chippendales and some balls, some baseballs, and I got him.  So now I have a new goal cause I can't just go well I got George Clooney.  So my new goal, is I want to be on the cover of O (Oprah's) Magazine."

Setting New Goals To Be On Cover Of O Magazine

She paused looked determined and said "Yeah! I can do i, I can do it!"  And again, and again people are saying "you're crazy".  They're saying "Ellen, no Oprah's the only one who gets on the cover of O". And I'm saying....oh yeah?  You just watch me Stedman (Oprah's long time beau). I'll do it. Of course it's a hard goal, goals you know can't be easy, they can't be just like oh I'm gonna get a new pair of shoes and a haircut, you know that's a to-do list, that's not a goal.

Live Life Of Your Dreams

When people talk about goals, you always hear, imagine the unimaginable.  I don't know what that means.  I really don't.  That didn't even make sense.  But you know what you can do?  You can dream the impossible dream. In fact a wise person once said, the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. And you know who said that?  Buckle up for this one.  This is Oprah Winfrey.  Cause I think it's very important to dream...the impossible dream.  At which point in her monologue Ellen took out a microphone and proceeded to speak phrases from the song.... Dream The Impossible Dream.

She added into the song at the end "to get on the cover of O".  I'm sorry.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah...goals. That is my goal, seriously.   And Oprah if you're listening...I do anything to get on that cover.  I'll even dance."  At this point the monologue ended and indeed Ellen started to dance, which she does every show.

Importance Of Setting Goals

The most interesting thing about Ellen's monologue is the fact that in short order she achieved her goal.  In the pursuit of her O Magazine dream Ellen talked about it on her show and then proceeded to try and call Oprah at her offices in Chicago.  Ellen was put on hold for several minutes which made news.

(Image of Ellen Degeneres - - All Rights Reserved).

Then shortly after that, Oprah Skyped into Ellen's show and invited her to be on the cover of O with her.

It's a done deal.  Ellen set her goal to be on the cover of O and viola!  It's happening.  It certainly says a lot about the importance of stating your goals clearly and being focused on them.  Whether you like her or not, Ellen definitely is inspirational by how she lives her life.

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