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Why Did Lindsay Really Miss Ellen Appearance?

Why Did Lindsay Really Miss Ellen Appearance?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan lives a busy, busy life.  Just a few days ago she was in Hawaii with her sister.  Tuesday she arrived at LAX in the early evening in time to hustle off to see Jay-Z.  Ironically, Lindsay was supposed to fly back to LA on Tuesday morning in order to appear on Ellen DeGeneres' show to debut her now famous Playboy cover.

Lindsay's appearance on Ellen was highly promoted and in the past Ellen has been extremely gracious to Lindsay appearing sympathetic to her many problems.

Supposedly the reason Lindsay stood Ellen up was that she missed her very early flight back from Hawaii and didn't make the scheduled taping of the show.  Ellen's producers quickly replaced the MIA Lindsay with Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter.

It seems that Alec Baldwin isn’t the only one having travel issues these days.

Luckily Lindsay arrived in court today, bright and early for her appointment with Judge Stephanie Sautner.

So what really happened to Lindsay? Her, rep Steve Honig, told E! News “Lindsay had a travel-related issue arise that took a few hours to sort out."  Honig said  “It has been resolved and she will be back in Los Angeles in time for her court appearance.”

The only real question is whether Lindsay deliberately choose not to make her appearance on Ellen or whether she really did miss her flight.  Her rep reported that Lindsay offered to tape ‘Ellen’ tomorrow, but the show was unable to shift things around, and tomorrow is their last day of taping for the season.”

But an insider at Ellen reported “Not a call or an apology from Lindsay.”  Hmmm.  And the plot thickens.

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