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Lindsay Lohan Hair Extension Drama

Lindsay Lohan is a popular topic on many of the Web's gossip sites such as Perez Hilton where she is referred to by a variety of nicknames including LiLo.  Currently Linds as she is politely called, is under the spotlight for the condition of her obvious hair extensions.

Most celebrity watchers believe Lindsay who has a history of addiction challenges is again suffering from either an eating disorder or some related problems.

(Lindsay Lohen - Andy LeCompte Salon - - All Rights Reserved).

Known for wearing hair extensions, her current set are looking worse for the wear and her hair is general, which used to be really gorgeous, has definitely taken a turn for the worse.  One common side effect of some eating disorders, especially purging and starving is hair loss and other hair condition changes.

It's hard to know the true situation of Lindsay's current hair extension issues but her hair extensions do look like they need to be replaced.  In Lindsay's case she appears to favor the semi-permanent fusion or hand tied style versus the clip-in or snap-ins.

What are other reasons Lindsay might have for not maintaining her current hair extensions?

1.  Expense

Unless Lindsay cuts her hair extensions out herself, it can cost money to visit a hair extension expert and have the extensions removed in a hair friendly manner.

(Image of Lindsay Lohan - 2008 MTV Video Music Awards - 09-07-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

2.  Time Committment

Depending on how many wefts or sections of hair extensions applied to Lindsay's hair, it might take some time to remove the extensions.  Also, she may need follow-up hair work including a trim of the attachment points and/or hair color or chemical tune-ups.  Besides the expense involved, all of these things can take time.

3.  Lack Of Concern

It's possible if Lindsay is suffering from any type of addiction challenge that she is unconcerned by her appearance, which is often a side effect of eating disorders.

4.   Unavailability Of Appropriate Hairdresser

Another possibility is that Linds only will work with certain celeb hairdressers (she has been recently spotted at The Andy LeCompte Hair Salon) and her celeb hair person of choice is not currently available for whatever reason.  Some stars will only go to certain hair people that they can trust and honor their privacy.

(Image of Lindsay Lohan - 2008 MTV Video Music Awards - 09-07-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Of course the reason for Lindsay's hair extension situation could involve all of the reasons above, none of the reasons or a combination.

One thing to keep in mind, whether you're a celebrity or not, semi-permanent hair extensions do require ongoing maintenance throughout the entire life of the extensions.  Not only is it essential to utilize the very best hair extension supportive products, regular tightening and trims are required.  If you don't care for your extensions or you wear them past their suggested end time, you may experience the same look that Lindsay is currently dealing with.

Remember, always do your homework before adopting any type of hair extension system to understand your ultimate committment of time, money and energy.

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