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Lindsay Lohan Sold Out By Mom And Dad

Lindsay Lohan Blonde Ponytail

As if the Lindsay Lohan train wreck couldn't get worse, now it's been revealed that Lindsay's dad has talked to the media about why Lindsay's teeth are discolored, stained and brown.

On a recent TV appearance Michael dropped the bombshell news that he thinks his daughter’s brown and rotting teeth were due to her smoking drugs.  He told Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN’s Issues Wednesday (10/19/11)  “She’s smoking either crack or meth, either one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”

He exclusively told  “She’s an addict, she doesn’t care and she’s in denial."  He also said “I want her in a treatment program for a year. Nothing is going to change in her life. She’s going to be appearing before judges in the future if she doesn’t get help, instead of doing community service in the morgue she’s going to wind up in the morgue!”

Michael said that when he tries to discuss her addiction problems, Lindsay denies she needs help. “’Daddy I’m fine,’ she tells me and then says ‘I’m worried about you.’”  Lindsay's dad also said  “My number one priority is making sure Lindsay goes into treatment so she can get off the medication she’s on.”

How can telling the media that Lindsay's teeth are rotting because she's smoking either crack or meth be helping his daughter?  Why is he allowing the train wreck to continue?  Although it may have be controversial, Britney Spears' parents took control over their out-of-control daughter when it was thought that Britney was suffering from a personality disorder, drugs, alcohol or other crippling behaviors.

Mom Dina Gets In On The Publicity

Now Lindsay's mom is allegedly writing a book that will spill all of Linday's darkest secrets.  Seriously?  Yes, seriously.  Dina Lohan is said by insiders to be ready to expose her daughter Lindsay in a new tell-all memoir., who obtained the prologue to Dina's book, says the story was being shopped as recently as two weeks ago, but has yet to secure a publisher.

Detailing her conflicted feelings as Lindsay's mother and manager, Dina opens up in the book about her daughter's reckless behavior and legal woes.   "I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an [sic] newfound lifestyle of partying excessively. Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way of daily living -- and it tore me up inside," Dina writes, according to TMZ.

The 49-year-old TV personality -- who appeared with her children Lindsay, Ali, Cody and Michael Lohan, Jr., on the E! series Living Lohan -- also explains why she relocated Lindsay, now 25, to Los Angeles from New York at such an early age.

How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime? How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress?" TMZ quotes Dina as writing. "So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone."

Lindsay's Probation Revoked By LA Judge

On Wednesday, Lindsay's probation was revoked by L.A. judge Stephanie Sautner, who dismissed attorney Shawn Chapman Holley's argument the star delayed the completion of her community service requirements because she was out of town on jobs.

Lindsay -- who was handcuffed upon exiting the courtroom -- is now required to complete 16 hours of service at the County Morgue before her next hearing on November 2. She showed up 40 minutes late for her first day of work at the morgue Thursday but was given a second chance and showed up early on Friday.

Lindsay's Lack Of Parental Support

While Lindsay is struggling with an obvious laundry list of problems ranging from addictions to possible personality disorders, her family is using her problems to bask in the limelight of the media.

Instead of using Lindsay's woes to launch a book or discuss her crack smoking her parents should be supporting their daughter with love, support, parental custody and zipped lips.

How would you feel if your own parents were spilling your dirtiest secrets to the media?  Exactly.

No wonder Lindsay is really a lost little girl who continues to spiral deeper into the the depths of a life that is probably headed towards a very early grave.

Hopefully someone will step in and help to save this young woman in total crisis.

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