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Blunt Bangs Create Hair Drama For Lindsay Sloane

You may or may not recognize actress Lindsay Sloane.  One of her most recent roles was in "Over Her Dead Body" as Chloe with Eva Longoria.  As Chloe she played the well-meaning sister trying to help her brother (Paul Rudd) get over the death of his fiancee (Eva Longoria).

As Chloe she convinces her brother to go see a psychic played by Lake Bell who eventually is haunted by Eva Longoria because Lake Bell's character starts to date Eva's former fiance.

(Image of actress Lindsay Sloane - Los Angeles Premiere of "Over Her Dead Body" 01-29-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Lindsay, who was born August 8,1977 on Long Island, New York, has been acting for a long time.  You might remember her as Alice Pedermeir on TV's The Wonder Years from 1991 until 1993.

After a series of guest starring roles in a wide range of roles she surfaced as Valerie Birkhead in Sabrina The Teenage Witch from 1997 until 1999.  She appeared in over 45 episodes on that beloved series in the character of Valerie.

Kim Peterson was her next role on Grosse Pointe for 17 episodes from 2000 until 2001.

From there Lindsay started popping up in more co-starring roles including playing Karly Stone in the the short lived The Stones in 2004.  The actress filmed four films in 2008 and has three scheduled for 2009.

(Image of Lindsay Sloane - 2nd Annual Art of Elysium Black Tie Charity Gala 'Heaven' 01-10-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Although Lindsay is famous for having soft chocolate brown tresses, she has been known to scale up and down a few shades of brunette from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

While her hair is usually worn shoulder length or longer, she knows how to instantly glam up her look by wearing dramatic blunt bangs which extend very far back on her head and are cut to be extremely thick and lush.

When Lindsay goes from no bangs to the blunt bangs she is almost unrecognizable.  It is definitely transforms the young actress to an instant Old Hollywood Siren.

(Image of Lindsay Sloane at Showtime Golden Globe Awards After Party - 01-11-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Recently Lindsay appeared with her rich glossy chocolate brown hair cut into a heavy blunt fringe which originated almost back to her crown and extended all the way below her eyebrows.

The fringe was slightly curled under along the perimeter.

Lindsay wore the Retro fringe on two separate hair occasions.  In one case at the 2nd Annual Art of Elysium Black Tie Charity Gala (see above) Lindsay wore her hair parted down the middle with the full bangs and the rest of her hair worn up in a sleek updo.

(Image of Lindsay Sloane - 2007 TV Guide Emmy After Party - 09-16-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

In the second style at a Golden Globes party Lindsay wore her hair down around her face, slightly skimming her shoulders with her fringe worn shiny and sleek.  Not everyone can carry off a dramatic hair fringe like this.  On Lindsay this fringe works.

What do you think?  Does actress Lindsay Sloane look better with or without her spectacular blunt bangs.

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