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Ellen Wrestles With CoverGirl Simply Ageless Packaging

I just love Ellen Degeneres and how she approaches life.  On a recent show she read a letter from a viewer telling Ellen she had spent the past two days trying to open Covergirl's Simply Ageless products which Ellen has recently been featured advertising.

Ellen is the new face of Covergirl and announced her affiliation with the company on her show.

Not one to shy away from any type of controversy, bad news or problems, Ellen proceeded to try and open the Simply Ageless make-up right on her show in front of the audience.  First the funny lady poured out the entire contents of her purse telling the audience "you don't think I wake up looking like this do you?"

When Ellen tried to open the make-up she had problems.  She finally had one of her assistants come on stage and open it for her.  Ellen made a joke about the fact the make-up would help to build up the arms.

She didn't try to hide the challenges the make-up might cause some users trying to open them.  Once the Cover Girl Simply Ageless make-up was opened Ellen promised to send the viewer the opened containers.  She also told her audience everyone would be getting gifts from Cover Girl of the Simply Ageless.

Ellen also read the How To Open instructions that come with the products and even made a joke about getting someone in the house who is stronger to help opening the CoverGirl.

While I was watching the segment I was thinking about how the people at CoverGirl might react to Ellen talking about the difficulty in opening the packaging.  I know Ellen tapes her shows so certainly she must have given the CoverGirl people the opportunity to see her segment before she aired it.  Or did she?  Will we ever know?

From a business standpoint it is a brilliant truth-in-advertising example.  In this situation Ellen who reps the Simply Ageless line is taking responsibility for having her name attached to the product when a viewer writes to her.  She also shows her willingness to help by trying to open the products in front of the audience and then giving them all samples.

Some experts believe there is no such thing as "bad news".  In this case I think Ellen hit it out of the ballpark, yet again.  Can this woman do no wrong?  I for one, certainly hope not.  She is truly a great public personality and has the courage of convicition to live her life honestly.  Go Ellen!

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