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Julia Louis Dreyfus Ate Ellen's Cat Food

Julia Louis Dreyfus was recently on The Ellen Show to discuss the reunion of the Seinfeld cast on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm which will air later this year.  She also discussed The Ellen Show cat which has been spotted wandering through the show's set on a Webcam that runs when the show is shut down.

Although Julia appeared to not know about The Ellen Show cat or the webcam, she was actually caught on camera shortly after 2:00 in the morning.  First she wandered onto the set and threw the Keep Off sign in Ellen's chair on the floor.  Then she plooped down into the chair and put her feet up on Ellen's table.  After that she took the gum she was chewing out of her mouth and put it underneath the table.

Julia got up and looked at the cat food that is left to the Ellen Show cat that lives on the set.  She literally started eating the food and proceeded to sit in the chair on the set and throw handfuls of cat food into her mouth. Finally, she drank the cat's water and stole the show flowers which were on the table.  But first she played with the cat's toy.

(Image of Julia Louis-Dreyfus - 18th Annual Environmental Media Awards.  The Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.  11-13-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

After Ellen showed Julia the tape of her 2 AM visit to the set Julia seemed surprised and told Ellen she wished she had known that a camera was running 24 hours a day.  She also praised the cat food which is Ellen's own formula.  She told Ellen the cat food was so good, "really wonderful" she was going to serve it for Thanksgiving this year.

Ellen teased Julia and said "I don't even understand this" referring to Julia's visit to her empty set.  Of course the audience loved the entire segment.

The question to be asked is whether Julia and Ellen planned her visit to the empty set or Julia really did just wander in to play and as she said "unwind after the show and fill up."

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