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Oprah Upset Ellen Put On Hold For 11 Minutes

As Ellen was getting ready to introduce actor Paul Rudd on her Friday show all of the sudden Oprah, looking gorgeous with a sleek center parted hairstyle and a gorgeous chocolate brown outfit, with sunny yellow edging, popped up on the screens in the background.

Oprah was waving to Ellen and the audience saying "helloooo" while Ellen's audience was going crazy, screaming, yelling, applauding.  In fact, the sound was deafening.  Oprah was laughing and obviously enjoyed the surprised look on Ellen's face.

Ellen turned around and looked completely shocked to see Oprah live on the screen behind her.  Whether she was acting or not, Ellen did not appear to expect Oprah to be there.

Is This A Good Time To Talk?

Oprah said "Hi Ellen, hey is this a good time?"  A flabbergasted Ellen said "what?"  Oprah said "I heard you called me and I wanted to call back, is this a good time?"

Ellen said "WOW!  Oprah.... what are you doing? Where are you?"  Oprah said "I'm in my office in Chicago".  Ellen said "how's this happening?  Are you skyping in?  How is this happening?"

Oprah Was On Skype

Oprah replied "Skyping in - that's exactly what I'm doing. Hi!" Ellen said "Hi Oprah how are you?  I can't believe this, how is this happening, I don't know anything about this."  Oprah said "this is happening because - didn't you want me to call you back?"  Ellen said "of course I wanted you to call me back.  I'm, I'm, I'm...just in shock right now...and I'm thrilled.....hi Oprah".

Oprah Upset About Ellen Being On Hold For 11 Minutes

Oprah waved and Ellen and said "listen, I was soooo upset you were put on hold for eleven minutes, I'm still haven't gotten over that".  Ellen said "ohhhh that's OK, Ted was trying to find somebody I guess."  Oprah didn't look happy when she said "yeah, um huh." Oprah said "but anyway, so what's going on?  You wanted me to call you because???"

Ellen Asks Oprah To Be On Cover Of O

The funny lady said "oh well Oprah I had this great idea, see, and I think it's great you have the First Lady on Michelle Obama is going to be on the cover with you, for the very first time you're sharing it and I think that's wonderful and she's the first lady so..good...because she's first but I just thought it would be really fun, if you know, we could be on the cover, together, you and I because you know because...cause...cause."

She paused and Oprah was smiling in the background and Ellen said "how do you like that idea? Isn't that a good idea?" Ellen's audience was cheering, shouting and clapping and it was ear splitting.  Oprah said "you know, listen.  This is, I'm really flattered that you want. "

Ellen said "whatever you want, with you, without...I'm just throwing it out there."

Oprah Flattered By Ellen's Request

Oprah said " OK, Listen to this I'm really flattered that you want to be on the cover of O this is so strange to me because I've seen you on every cover the other night I went to the gym and honest to goodness I thought somebody was playing a joke because I had heard and seen that you were doing this on your show and I walked into the gym and there were like three covers of you on various magazine.  You know like Ladies Home Journal this month so I thought there's Ellen already on all these other covers why do you want to be on O?"

Ellen said "well because its a great magazine and I just thought you know, it would be a fun thing and I think people would like it because they love you and I would be like a surprise like heyyyyyy Ellen's on 'O' ya know?"

Formal Invitation By Oprah To Be On O Magazine

Oprah said "I have to tell you, I have to tell you, When I first heard, when I first heard about this because of the 11 minute, you being put on hold for 11 minutes but when I first heard about this, I thought it was such a fantastic idea. I was only sorry that I did not think of it myself.  So I am calling to officially invite you on the cover of O."

Ellen's audience again went crazy with yelling, screaming, clapping.  Ellen said "are you serious?" Oprah nodded her head yes,

Ellen got up from her chair and walked to the camera where Oprah's image was being project and kissed it as if she was kissing Oprah personally.  It was hilarious.  Oprah said "so, so this is what I want to know...."  Ellen said "so I've got to go do a photo shoot.  When do we do it?  What happens?"

Oprah said "Ok, listen, I heard that of course you want to wear pants because I saw you in that Prom dress and we don't want to do that again."  Ellen said "yeah, no" Oprah said "absolutely"

Oprah said " so I need to you have a special designer?  Special requirements? What's your rider, do you have certain things you want to have in your trailer do you need 2 fans, 1 fan?" Ellen "I'll get my attorneys on it right away and they'll send you something." Oprah laughed and said "OK"  Oprah said "I'll tell you what we're going to do, we going to.  I serious about this now.  I'm serious."

Ellen "I can't believe you're serious about this - I'm freaking out right now."  The audience laughed.

Dream The Impossible Dream

Oprah said "when I heard dream the impossible dream and you know in order for you to set a goal for yourself the goal has to be something that's really big I watched the whole thing.  I believe that when you dream it and you conceive it you can have it and achieve it and that's what's going to happen."

Ellen said "I agree with you Oprah"  She continued "now, oh my god, my goal is for this to be the biggest selling issue you've ever had cause I want that to happen."

Oprah said "I do too, I do too, thank so much, I've had so much fun, I didn't want to call.  I even didn't want to call because I've had so much fun watching you put yourself on various covers but you know I wanted to end the agony for you you know I didn't even know if you were serious or not but I am really serious.

Ellen said "I'm totally serious"

Oprah said "OK, then we will co-ordinate our outfits so we don't clash, Oprah said "maybe I'll wear pants too". Ellen said "they're comfortable Oprah."  Oprah said "OK I will, I want to live my best life."

Ellen said "don't we all.  I love you Oprah and I can't wait to do this.  This is going to be huge and fantastic and I'm excited and now I've gotta have another goal, what am I gonna do?"

Oprah laughed and said "that's what you do - dream another dream."  Ellen said "alright, alright, we'll talk soon Oprah." Ellen said "bye...I Love You..thank to you soon."

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