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John Mayer's Green Thong

Jennifer Aniston - Premiere of He's Just Not That Into You - - All Rights Reserved.

Over the past ten days Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have appeared as guests on Ellen Degeneres.  It was obvious, at least to me, from their banter that the two guests really liked Ellen.  The feelings definitely seemed to be mutual and Ellen appeared to really enjoy both Jen and John.

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Ellen first to discuss her approaching 40th birthday and her latest movie, He's Just Not That Into You.  Famous for being extremely private about her love life, it was surprising when she opened up to Ellen about her relationship with John.

Ellen appeared to shock Jen by showing her an enlarged photo of John Mayer, Jen's current love, in a teeny tiny bright lime green thong.  John was leaning against a railing of what appeared to be a ship and the thong left very little to the imagination.

Jennifer Aniston - Premiere of He's Just Not That Into You - - All Rights Reserved.

Jennifer appeared embarrassed by the photo of John and looked away as Ellen teased her about the photo.  The two women definitely seemed to be having fun with the green thong photo although Jennifer definitely appeared less than thrilled to look at it in front of Ellen's audience.

Known for dragging out a prank as long as possible, Ellen proceeded to show John the photo of the green thong when he appeared on the show the following week.  John had previously told Ryan Seacrest when interviewed on the Red Carpet at the 2009 Grammy Show that if Ellen brought out the famous green thong photo he would do something wild on her show.

Sure enough, Ellen brought out the photo and John took it with grace and humor.  He made some jokes about the thong and how hairy he was.  Ellen seemed delighted.

Finally, Ellen showed John and her audience another photo of the famous lime green thong superimposed on a blow-up image of her DJ, Tony.  She threatened to put the image of Tony on her MySpace page.

I must say I was impressed at how well Jennifer, John and even Tony took the Green Thong incidents on Ellen's show.  Of course Ellen had a fabulous time showing off the photo to her audience and her three targets.

When incidents like the Green Thong pop up it makes me wonder if the stars had given prior permission to Ellen and her people to show the photo?  Jennifer Aniston reacted in a manner indicating she was genuinely surprised.  John Mayer seemed to be expecting the Green Thong photo and Tony just laughed because he seems very good natured and of course Ellen is his boss.

Knowing Ellen, John Mayer and his now famous Green Thong will continue to pop up from time to time on Ellen's show as well as on the Web and YouTube.

What was your reaction to the Green Thong?

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