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Prom Hair - Emergency Fixes

You know how it goes, no matter how hard you plan your Prom hairstyle, things may still go awry.

Listed below are some tricks to get you through the last minute Prom Hair Crazies with ease:

1. You decided at the last minute to touch up your hair color only to discover some of the dye got on your face or skin.

What to do?

Reach for the toothpaste and and apply to the dye spots. Rub and rinse until the dye is completely gone. Toothpaste is abrasive enough to do the job but won't dry our your complexion.

2. You spent hours washing, blow drying, hot curling and fixing your hair into your dream Prom Hairstyle only to watch the curls droop in less than an hour.

What to do?

Go ahead and create your dream hairdo but once you have it exactly the way you love it, carefully divide your hair into either individual curls (if you want to wear your hair down) or sections 2 1/2" thick and wrap the curls around your finger and then pin up against your scalp. Spritz with hairspray and wait until you are ready for the photos before unpinning. This will help curls hold their shape much longer.

3. You are wearing your tresses wrapped in a gorgeous updo but have pesky hairs sticking out around the hairline or at the back of your neck.

What do to?

Get a clean toothbrush. Apply a tiny bit of gel or hairspray to your fingertips and transfer onto your crazy neck strands. Use the toothbrush to brush the gelled or sprayed hair strays up and into the bottom of your updo.

If the strays are long enough brush them straight with the toothbrush and then pin into the underneath of the updo base.

4. You broke down and went to the salon for your Prom updo and you hate it. What to do? If your hair is long enough for a ponytail then pull out the original updo, smooth your hair into a high ponytail that sits near the back of your crown.

Create a tight base with a Blax or Bungee hair friendly band. Pull gently on the pony to make sure it is tight and centered. Take one strand of your hair from the pony and wrap to form a hair cover for the band. Pin the hair cover securely underneath the base of the pony.

Take a medium to large size jaw or claw style clip either in the same color of your hair or a jeweled clip. Attach the clip to your hair right underneath the base of the pony. The clip should be nestled firmly up against the Blax or Bungee but UNDER the pony hair.

Take the bottom strands of the pony and tuck them under and gently arrange them so that they tuck into the clip.

Use your fingers to fan out the newly formed bun so it is soft and bouncy.

If you want to be created pull a few loose strands out and curl them with an iron.

5. You hair suffered a pre-Prom disaster but your hair is too short for the quick pony bun described in #4.

What to do?

If you have time jump in the shower and redo your hair the way you like it. Or if not, consider popping on a HairDo clip-in hair extension pre-set with curls and waves. Another option is to clip on a chignon or pony.

6. Your bangs keep curling up on the way to the Prom.

What to do?

Carry one of the miniature flat irons in your handbag and hit the ladies room the minute you arrive. A few minutes with the mini flat iron and a spritz from a mini can of hairspray and you're good to go.

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