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Prom Hairstyles: Dressing Up Short Hair


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When you have short hair it's is true that your options are more challenging when it comes to creating a dressy new look for Homecoming, Prom, Wedding or other special events.

If you use celebrities with short hair as an example you will notice that Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron and Winona Ryder will often change their look for a special occasion by going with a wet or slicked back look to offset their elegant gowns.

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Depending on how short your hair actually is, going with the slicked back wet look is often an easy option.

There are several great products now available on the market that will give you the slicked back look.

Whether you want the look to be wet and slicked back or more piecy you can use different products to achieve different looks.

I have tried Redken Water Wax with mixed results. The Redken definitely gave my hair a slicked back look but I wanted less slick and more control. Redken's water wax is a water based pomade that controls like a wax with a clean flexibility. It can be used for a brilliant shine and separation. Rub a very small amount into your hands and apply to damp or dry hair. You will have to experiment.

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I have also tried ARTec's new material which gave me a stronger hold and shine with less softness. Kusco Murphy's Cinnamon Wax & Beach Hair are great for a slick finish with lots of shine.

The Redken Wax is a great product but it has to be right for your hair.

Bottom line, experiment with different products to get the right look and feel for your hair. Another product that works well to provide the wet, piecy look is LA Looks which is available in most drug stores and retail outlooks.

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I have also gotten good "wet looks" with Aveda Confixer, Paul Mitchell Wax Works and Paul Mitchell The Cream for sculpting, lift and separation. The short spikey look was created by finger drying the hair and then using a little bit of wax or gel to shape the spikes around the hairline.

You can also try Slick Works for more definition and shine. Wella Shock Waves Ultra Strong Hold Gel also works to provide slicked back looks that lay close to the head.

To offset the simple but elegant hair style, jazz up your makeup and add gorgeous earrings to add a touch of class to your dress.

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Another option that has been favored by both Winona Ryder and Sharon Stone if to brush the front of the hair to the sides and then create lift and texture at the back of the crown.

To create this look use a little wax to texturize and lift the crown area and give it the gelled, piecey, almost fluffy look that is combined with the soft front and sides. Dress up this look with a jeweled hair pin or barrette at the side. Hair jewelry is always an instant way to add sparkle and elegance to a short style.

This stunning short hair dressy style was done by the masters at Aquage. The Aquage product line combines nuturing organic elements from the sea with the start of the art technology to moisutrize, protect and beautify.

Notice how the hair is parted to form a triangle shape starting at a point to the side of the hairline.

The hair is then tightly French braided from the point of the triangle to give a stunning look.

silverbutterflyclip100.jpg (2506 bytes)The next hairstyle consists of twists and knots held by tiny butterfly clips. Starting at the crown a 1-2 inch section of hair is twisted softly and then looped into a soft knot with a small amount of "hair tail" at the end.

A tiny butterfly claw clip is attached at the end of the knot where the tail and knot meet. This holds the knot in place and allows the tail to spay out. You can create several knots or just a few.

You can also use hairpins that same color as your hair to hold the knots. However, for a special dressy event like a Prom the silver butterfly clips will instantly dress up your style and generate instant glitter. You can also add extra sparkle with hair magnets or hair snaps.

JewelsShortHair200A.jpg (3587 bytes)After you have created the twisted knots along the crown you have several options on how to style the rest of the hair. You can add additional twisted knots starting where the original knots ended. Or you can use a large barrelled curling iron to give the back of your hair a soft fullness.

Another option is to add tiny braids at the back of the hair or pin the loose hair into a "mock" French Twist or bun. Experiment and use your imagination to create a unique new look that works with your hair style and texture.

The last short style by Richard Middlewood At Mark Hill is a mixture of all sorts of textures.

Part of the bangs are soft and very sleek. These straight shiny sections are mixed with individual sections of tightly crimped hair that are randomly placed throughout. The back of the hair is finger dried and then slightly backcombed to give it a full and piecy look. Wax, cream or molding mud can be used to give the hair more control and body.

While this is not a "hair friendly" style because of the crimping, curling and backcombing, it is acceptable for special events. This style can be dressed up with rhinestone pins or magnetic hair jewels.

To get the exact look that you want you will need to practice before your special hair event. Experiment with using hot curlers to give the back of your hair added lift. This style works best with hair that has lots of layers in different lengths so that the textures can be mixed and matched and create a dramatic impact.

When it comes to creating a special event look for short hair the key is to be creative, experiment and remember that you can always dress up short hair with flowers, jewels, rhinestone headbands and hairpins.

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