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Prom Hair Style - Easy Updo - Anna Lynne McCord


Anna Lynne McCord

Anna Lynne McCord is the spoiled Naomi Clark on 90210 on The CW. Even though she's the preppy mean girl her hairstyles and clothes are drop dead gorgeous.

The always trendy Anna Lynne has naturally curly hair but she alternates through a series of different textures ranging from rocking her natural ringlets to wearing her hair bone straight and pulled up into a sleek bun or twist

A Sleek Knot Or A Naturally Curly One

Anna Lynne's hair length is currently slightly below her shoulders when she wears her hair relaxed.

Although Anna Lynne has recently been wearing her tresses with just a slight wave, in the past she has worn her natural curls pulled up and back into a curly knot as well.

The beauty of having naturally curly hair like Anna Lynne is that you have a wide range of options. You can first temporarily straighten your hair before pulling it into a sleek knot or you can accentuate your ringlets before wrapping it into a bun.

Anna Lynne McCord Medium Length Hairstyle

Sleek Hair Twist Works With An Ornate Gown

There are many advantages to wearing a hair knot to your prom. The advantages include:

1. The hairstyle is easy to create at home or with the help of a friend. 2. A sleek knot, when securely anchored, is a great hairstyle for dancing without worrying about disheveled locks. 3. Compatible with either a sleek and simple gown or one with an ornate neckline, a hair knot doesn't compete for attention with your make-up, accessories or dress. 4. The knot can be adjusted to work with any face shape, hair type of texture. 5. If your natural hair isn't long enough for a full knot you can supplement your natural hair with clip-in hair strands that allow you to instantly create your own knot. 6. If clip-ins aren't optional, you may wish to invest in a clip-on chignon which you can position like Anna Lynne's knot. 7. The hair knot works with a wide range of Prom hair accessories ranging from a sparkly tiara, crystal encrusted headband or similar. 8. A sleek knot will give you the option to rock stunning earrings or necklace (depending on your Prom gown)

Remember when you slide into a Prom gown embellished with shimmering sequins, beads or other bling, it's always best to downplay your hair to avoid overkill.

Anna Lynne's sleek knot Prom hairstyle is a perfect match for just about any type of Prom gown. If you want to jazz up your hair a bit, add a stunning tiara or tiara comb positioned at your hair line. Optionally you can attach a medium sized flower over one ear to contrast your hair and complement your gown.

Steal Anna Lynne's Sexy Prom Hair Style

This style is best for hair which is naturally straight, has been relaxed or temporarily straighten. It can also work well for hair which has light natural waves and/or loose curls.

Follow the steps below to re-create Anna Lynne's gorgeous knot hairstyle.

Anna Lynne McCord

1. Cleanse your hair according to your normal routine (Diluted Shampoo, Water Only, Conditioner Only). For added fullness use a volumizing shampoo. 2. Rinse well and apply rinse-out conditioner appropriate to your hair length, type, texture and condition. 3. Finish with a cool or cold water rinse. 4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. 5. Apply styling cocktail including a volumizing product to pump up roots. If your hair tends to frizz include an anti-defrisant product to the cocktail. Detangle from ends to roots. 6. Create desired part with tail comb and separate hair into 2 inch sections. Work around the head using a boar bristle round brush in combination with a blow drier with a concentrator nozzle. Once each strand is dry, roll into barrel curl with your fingers and pin against the scalp. Note: To add volume to the roots, pull each strand up with your fingers and direct air flow from the ends to the roots. This will build in more fullness.

Anna Lynne McCord

8. When hair is completely cool, right before leaving the house, unpin the barrel curls one at a time. Bend over at the waist and shake curls loose. Arrange with your finger. Gently tug the new curls to loosen slightly. Touch up any sections with a large barrel curling iron. 9. Finish with a shine enhancing hairspray. Add an optional flower.

Optionally instead of pinning hair into barrel curls you can get a more defined curl by using hot rollers. Remember that the larger the roller, the larger the curl. The smaller the curler, the tighter the finished ringlet. With hot rollers, size definitely matters.

Remember to always experiment with your Prom hair look at least two times before your actual Prom night.

“Instead of full head applications, customers will look to extensions to enhance a particular style or color with a modest number of extension strands.”


Anna Lynne McCord Rocking Her Natural Curls

One of the great advantages of long hair is how it can be easily dressed up to the max or worn in a more relaxed, sultry style dressed up with waves and gentle ringlets like Nicole Scherzinger showcases on Season 10 of Dancing With The Starts (DWTS).

Nicole also showed off some amazing long loose sexy waves and curls when she was dancing with The Dolls. Nothing looks sexier than swinging long loose waves and curls as you sway with your favorite guy at Prom.

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