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Prom 2004: Hairstyles On A Budget


Although going to the Prom can be one of the best events of your lifetime, it can also punch a nice fat hole in your piggy bank.

(Dress from 2004 Alfred Angelo Collection - #3609).

After you look at the absolute costs of buying that gorgeous gown, the matching shoes and buying your date the appropriate flowers or balloons or etcetera, you may have little left over for accessories, your hair and matching hair jewels. A trip to the salon can not only be time consuming, it can be costly. Some hair accessories can cost over $50 for just one clip or over $75 for a pair of jeweled hairpins or hairsticks. All of these costs can definitely add up.

Money Saving Hair Ideas

Never fear, although it is always better to book your hair appointment with your favorite stylist, if your pennies won't stretch that far consider these money saving ideas:

1. Go with a very simple but sensuous hairstyle like a glamorous ponytail or half up/half down style that you can do at home by yourself.

Don't forget to do a few practice sessions before the Prom to make sure you have all your hair tools (blow dryer, irons, hot curlers, styling products, hairpins, Blax, pony bungees) available and in working order.

Skip the hair coloring or use of chemicals. You are only asking for a hair disaster that could totally destroy your money saving attempts and land you in a hair color correction chair with a big price tag.

2. If you have your heart set on a more complicated updo or twisted style, partner with a Prom going buddy and agree to do each other's hair on Prom night.

Have a Prom hair practice party several weeks before the Prom for you and your hairstyling partner. Each of you should pick out your dream hairstyle and then practice on each other until you have styles that you love.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time in case you have to change your final Prom hairstyle for any reason.

On Prom night get dressed at the same house and give yourself plenty of time to do each other's hair.

(Dress from 2004 Alfred Angelo Collection - #3637).

3. Shop wisely for accessories and hair jewels. Some gorgeous hair accessories can be found for under $20. Look for hair accessories like barrettes, hair combs, pony elastics and jeweled French hair pins that you can wear long after the Prom is over.

4. Share hair accessories with your Prom hair buddy. Invest in a set of 6 or 12 hair snaps or magnets and split them 50/50 with your hair partner. Or buy hair accessories like barrettes or combs or small alligator clips that come in a pair and split them up. Don't worry, no one will realize that you are both wearing a matched set.

5. Go in 50/50 with your hair buddy and buy a Prom dress accessory set that includes earrings matching necklace and bracelet. Split up the goodies and share.

6. Ask your prom date to buy you a large orchid or gardenia to wear in your hair. This will save you the expense of hair accessories and will flatter your date. Plan your style wisely so that your can request the appropriate size and color of flower.

7. Be creative and use an existing favorite necklace, bracelet or brooch to act as temporary hair accessories for the evening.

8. Borrow a gorgeous costume jewelry piece from your mom or other female relative to wear as a hair wrap around your ponytail. Be sure to only borrow jewels that would not be a major loss if damaged in any way.

Try all sorts of odds and ends. What about old fashioned clip on earrings used as tiny hair clips? Experiment with old earrings, cufflinks and other jeweled pieces that you might not ordinarily try in your hair.

9. Buy an inexpensive piece of material or ribbon and make a matching headband or hair wrap for pennies.

10. Go exotic and decorate your hair with a sprig of fresh berries or branches. Be sure to anchor well in your style to avoid leaving a trail of twigs or squished berries. Get a shop guru to make you a wire tiara and glue small rhinestones all over it for a one-of-a-kind hair jewel.


Be creative and imaginative and you will have a spectacular hairstyle that will save your piggybank. Think outside of the box and be willing to experiment. The sky is the limit.

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