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Prom 2004: A Hairstyles Trend Guide


Historically prom fashions, accessories and hairstyles follow the fashion design trends from the previous two major seasonal fashion catwalks with a splash of celebrity red carpet influence.

The 2003 fashion trends that are most likely to influence Prom gowns and hair for 2004 are split between the current emphasis on soft, frilly romantic sensuality and hard hitting punky, chic roll and roll edgy styles.

Prom dress fashions will most likely span the range from lavishly designed silks, satins and suedes with ultra feminine touches to starker leathers. Hair trends for 2004 Prom characterize a variety of eras. The look of the fifties continues to dominate fashion and red carpet runways along with the sixties.

Look to the recent red carpet styles worn by Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate and Jessica Simpson to get an idea of new styles for Prom 2004 sizzling styles.

Sizzling Prom Hair 2004 Looks:

Look for the following prom hair styles for 2004:

1. Luscious Curls & Waves Sultry cascading shoulder length or slightly longer curls and wavy locks ala Britney, J.Lo, Mariah or Jessica Simpson will be very popular for the 2004 Prom season.

Shoulder length hair with undulating waves and saucy curls allow tresses to fall naturally to set an ultra romantic tone.

Combine this longer shoulder length style with flexible multi-length layers around the face. This will create instant softness and romance and allow for hair to be worn up, down or somewhere in between.

Add a tiny bit of edge to a romantic curled or wavy do by adding different color tips to the ends of the curls like Britney did. (Image of Britney from AMA Awards).

2. Soft Twists Updos for the Prom 2004 season will combine saucy curls and waves for a softer slightly unfinished look. Look for more half up/half down styles that highlight a more touchable sensuality to dominate.

3. Textured & Shaped Styles Textured and shaped hair like the style worn by Heidi Klum (shown to the side) at the AMA awards provides sophisticated control while providing a sleekly clean and smooth look pulled up and off the face. Heidi's look is perfect for creating a faux updo look without the fuss. Wearing the hair up and back also shows off a gorgeous neckline or necklace.

4. Sultry Big Bangs Long, super straight and super shiny styles are still sizzling. Fringed ends and sultry big bangs swept to one side are also very happening. Blonde and red highlights make sultry bangs pop.

5. Textured Straight Even though curls and waves are springing up everywhere, some straight styles are still holding their own. Hairstyles thatl have that fresh from a home relaxing kit or thermal straightening treatment will still be popular. To give chemically straightened home movement and flow add some tapered lengths to the look. Crank up the smooth-as-glass look with super shine products.


If you want to ditch romance for a more edgy style consider these alternative Prom 2004 hair trends:

1. Chunk it The late 70s rock n' roll Blondie look with shoulder length chunky bobs and shags with a long point cut fringe or sides. The key to this look is choppy, messy and ultra shaggy.

Although this hot look is often punked up with a multi-dimensional combo of bleached front and darker undercurrents or Kelly Osborne-ish (shown to the side at the AMA Awards) colored dark purple tips, you can tone the colors down for Prom by going with bold freehand painted highlights instead. Or consider painting lighter colored strands with colored shampoo for an unusual updo style.

2. Disconnected Combine a cascading section of your tresses with shorter cropped sections creating a blurred version of a hip mullet look or go with the sizzling modified swingy bouffant look recently worn by Jessica Simpson at the 2003 AMA awards.

Weave a series of different lengths combined into hair panels that are positioned for ultra movement and flow. Offset the look with tiny multi-colored accent braids or with bold red highlights or tips. The hot trend towards disconnected styles often are punched up with light and dark highlights in the same color spectrum.

3. Super Short The Twiggy look adopted by Alyssa Milano of Charmed is very hot around the country. The look is even hotter when cut to be super chunky, choppy or piecy. Add-on bangs are very hot ala Marley Shelton.

Highlights are painted on in panels or super sized chunks to give a soft buttery or coppery look and highlight gorgeous eyes and skin tones.


Whether you opt to go with a sultry romantic hairstyle or a more edgy look complete with chunked ends remember to select a style that compliments your total prom look.

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