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Cheaters Blowdry Guide

Cheaters Blowdry Guide

Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved

I created my own Cheaters Blowdry Guide shortly after I got caught in a torrential downpour right after I had finished my normal wet wash procedure.

My hair looked and felt fabulous  Then an unexpected disastrous rainstorm left me looking like a drowned rat.

I had to break my own No Blowdry Rules because my hair had to look finished and polished.

Emergency Wet Hair Tricks

Regardless of whether you prefer to air dry or not, sometimes you just have a hair emergency which requires a quick blowdry.

Listed below are the easy steps for my cheaters blowdry guide which anyone can do after a flash flood or just a sweaty time at the health club:

#1.  Accordion Squeeze - Gently finger squeeze hair from roots down to the ends in an accordion style movement to remove as much moisture as possible from hair.  In an emergency you can pat hair dry with absorbent paper towels or a microfiber towel.

#2.  Add Leave-in - Once all excess water has been removed apply a leave-in conditioner, preferably with added heat protection which coat hair to help water slide off and speed drying.

#3.  Rough Dry - Power dry your hair moving the dryer in small circles, directing the dryer's air flow up towards the roots.

Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved

Note:  If you're worried about blow dryer heat damage, dry hair upside down, with your head hanging upside down.   Set the dryer to the slowest, coolest setting to minimize heat.

Use a dryer with a cool/cold setting or keep the cold shot button pressed in while drying.   Keep in mind that the colder the blow dryer temperature, the slower the hair will dry.

#4.  Polish Dry - Once hair has been power dried to 90%, use a 100% boar bristle brush or fingers to divide hair into four sections (2 front, 2 back).

Quickly polish hair by using the boar bristle brush to anchor hair at the ends, turning them under and directing air flow from the roots down to the ends.

#5.  Seal - After a short polishing, apply a drop of two of shine spray or serum to the palms of your hands and massage together

Lightly finger pick hair through entire of head to seal from moisture and humidity.

#6.  Wear Up of Down Or Both - Depending upon how your hair turns out after the emergency blow dry, you can wear your newly dried hair a variety of way.

Optional Steps

If your hair is naturally textured with waves or curls, if you prefer you can either scrunch hair while power drying and skip the polishing or use a long finger diffuser after a quick power dry.

Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved Cheaters Blowdry Guide - Trendline Lagoon - 2004 - All Right Reserved

If all else fails, after the quick blow dry, if your hair is long enough, pull hair into a knot, pony or braid.

At least your hair will look polished and in short order.

Summary - Cheaters Blowdry Guide

One of the most important attributes to utilizing a Cheater's Blowdry Guide is to modify it according to your own hair type, texture, length and condition.

Sometimes it's not even necessary to blow dry hair which has suddenly been exposed to a torrential downpour or other unexpected storm.

Maybe the best thing for you and your hair is to remove the excess moisture with an accordion squeeze, towel blot and then braid or pin into a knot or bun.

The most important thing to remember with any hair care tips and tricks is to start with the basics, modify for your own unique needs and then be sure to have fun with your experimenting.

Happy Hair Drying.


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