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Courteney Cox Reunites With Lisa Kudrow on ABC's Cougar Town

It was recently announced that Courteney Cox will reunite with "Friend" Lisa Kudrow, who is scheduled to make a guest appearance on Court's new show, "Cougar Town".  This report came from the reputable TV Guide magazine so it must be true.  Right?

(Image of Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb on ABC's Cougar Town - All Rights Reserved)

The former Monica and Phoebe from "Friends," will play different roles this time around.  Courteney Cox has said her character will visit Lisa Kudrow's character, a dermatologist who is mean to Court's character on Cougar.   No surprise there.  If you watch Cougar Town you probably already know that Courtney's character thrives on interactions with characters who are mean to her onscreen.

There's the divorced neighbor across the street who has obvious disdain for Courtney's character.  Yet she is determined to get him to like her and in a pathetic needy way.  But it turns out to be funny and indeed, I actually know women like that even though it is sad, it's true to life.

Yes, I love the show.  Even my guy loves the show which is weird because he's not normally into TV sitcomy shows.  He does like Courteney and thinks she's really funny, cute and hot.

Courteney revealed "I did ask Matthew [Perry] if he'd play my boyfriend on the show," Cox adds, "but he thought it was a little too much after Chandler and Monica." On "Friends" Monica and Chandler, played by Perry, tie the knot.

Cox also said she'd love to have her pal Jennifer Aniston on the show too, if the right part came along.  Courteney got huge ratings when Jen appeared on her FX Show Dirt and they shared a steamy kiss.  There's no doubt that Courteney will find a place for Jennifer on her hit ABC show.  She told TV guide "she's younger than me so she can't play my contemporary even though she did on Friends,".  She also said  "but I think we can find something great for her to play."

I do have to say that while I love Courteney and faithfully watch her show, I thought her hair looked so much better on Dirt.  Her hair was magnficient in that series.  It looked the best I have ever seen it, including when she was on Friends.  I think Courteney looks good now, but I loved the way her hair used to look back on the Dirt series so much more.

Courteney sees Chris McMillan for her Red Carpet and special events but Chris does not do her hair for Cougar Town nor did he do her hair for Dirt.  Courteney had a different celeb hairdresser for Dirt and a new one for Cougar Town.

Note to Courteney, please wear your hair like you did back on the Dirt days.  It was spectacular.

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