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Olivia Wilde's Hairstyles: Blonde Hair Days


Olivia Wilde 2003

Turn the celebrity hair clock back to 2003 and you would discover Fox/TV's House co-star Olivia Wilde as a golden blonde. Back in the day Olivia had lighter highlights around her hairline with darker golden hues throughout the underside of her below-the-shoulder strands.

In 2003 Olivia was just nineteen years old and was appearing on the Fox drama Skin.

Do you remember the show? It didn't last long, but obviously Olivia established a long term relationship with Fox and has since made a huge splash on the Fox hit House.

Although Olivia has been Missing In Action (MIA) from the Fall 2010 season of House it's because she's acting in back to back movies.

The actress is scheduled to return to the popular drama before the end of the 2010-2011 season. When she reappears her absence will be properly explained by the scripts.

The Best Hair On TV In 2003

Olivia Wilde 2003

Olivia was featured in the November 2003 issue of Glamour Magazine as having The Best Hair On TV along with ER's Parminder Nagra, Tamala Jones from The Tracy Morgan Show and Caroline Dhavernas who was on Fox TV's iconic Wonderfalls.

ER has ended and Parminder Nagra has become a new mom. Tamala is still around, but Caroline Dhavernas has faded from view.

Although Olivia Wilde ditched her blonde tresses in the Fall of 2005, she first transitioned through an auburn phase, a dark brunette and is not rocking a light chocolate brunette with hints of cinnamon highlights.

Besides winning tons of fans on House, Olivia is a favorite on the Red Carpets and has wowed the fashion police with her stunning fashion creations and hairstyles.

Olivia's Hair Tips - Slip On A Headband

Olivia Wilde 2003

During her blonde phase Olivia told Glamour Magazine "a salon offered me $3,000 for my hair to make a wig." High praise indeed.

Her strategy for a horrible hair day? She said "I slip on a headband so I look like I've done something" with her hair.

Her favorite tricks for hiding new root growth? She said "I hide roots with a zig-zag part." Meanwhile she stopped frizz in it's tracks "by aim the blow dryer down" the hair from the roots to the ends.

To Get Olivia's Blonde Hairstyle

Olivia's smooth as silk blonde was luminescent with subtle ribbons of different tones strategically painted throughout the interior and perimeter of her tresses.

Olivia Wilde 2005

The varying tones provided the impression of soft, expensive color. Light reflective color allows blonde hues to really shine and shimmer.

Olivia explained her stylist (at the time), Eric Gabriel used baby shampoo on her strands because it's "extra gentle" and then set her hair with big rollers and ruffled it to give a soft but tousled look.

From Blonde To Brunette

Although Olivia was blonde for a few years, she has primarily been a brunette since 2005. The gorgeous actress has changed up her base brunette hue over the years as well as adding beautiful highlights and lowlights.

Olivia's hair during her blonde days was long, extending approximately halfway down her back. She often wore it with a long side-swept part originating from a side or off-center part.

Olivia Wilde 2010

The blonde tresses played up the blueness in Olivia's eyes and gave her that bombshell look.


Although not everyone would agree, Olivia looks breathtakingly beautiful as a classic brunette. The milk chocolate brunette base works perfectly with her skin and eye tone.

Many fashionistas and critics prefer Olivia as a brunette because it gives her an aura of class and elegance. Her current chocolate brown hair color also works well with her brainy physician character Thirteen on House.

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