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What happens when you mix equal parts of ambition, hard work and creativity with finely tuned hair styling talent?

You get 25 year old Janine Jarman who is quite simply a stellar hairdressing success story with a string of stunning career accomplishments that most 40 year olds would sell their souls for.

Janine is a petite ball of Aries energy (currently rocking a short coppery hued pixie cut) who easily multi-tasks while she chats about her many experiences in the world of hair since the tender age of 12. She oozes star quality, even over the phone.

Pussycat Dolls CW Search For Pussycat Dolls 01-02-2007

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A native born California girl who was raised in Huntington Beach in Orange County (The O.C.), Janine was born with a natural talent and intense passion for working with hair. While Janine loved working and playing with all types of hair, she discovered she was an incredible whiz when it came to twisting and twirling hair into one-of-a-kind finished updos.

Unlike many hairdressers who don't like to mess with creating finished up styles, Janine adored the opportunity it offered her to fine tune her skills with hair.

Setting Up Her First Hair Shop

Janine Jarman

Empire Academy of Makeup All Rights Reserved

Initially Janine was eager to "do the hair of all her friends in her parent's bathroom".

As her reputation grew, she decided to include make-up in her evolving hair styling services.

Partnering with Noel, her best childhood friend, the two energetic and budding entrepreneurs set up shop in Janine's home bathroom where they did make-up and hair for their friends.

For the incredibly fair price of $10, a parade of teens were transformed by the two best friends. Janine reported "Noel did the make-up and I did the updos - which became my unique specialty".

By the time Janine and Noel had reached the ripe old age of 16, they had set up a temporary seasonal locations at various retail spaces to offer their special hair and make-up services for a wide range of Prom and Party Hair events.

Quite simply the dynamic duo had outgrown the limitations of Janine's family bathrooms. Due to escalating costs of renting outside space, the price for Janine and Noel handiwork rose from $10 to $50 which all the clients on the long waiting list willingly paid.

Once Janine and Noel resolved the logistics of doing hair and make-up for more clamoring customers, they were set for the rest of their high schools careers. They allowed their passions for their work to expand, word spread and they both had a taste of what their future careers could be.

Roots Of Drive & Creativity

Although Janine's Dad and Mom didn't originate from the hair world, Janine confessed they "always encouraged her intense entrepreneurial drive and strong creativity" which could be tied to the fact that both her parents had successfully created and grown their own businesses.

Janine's mom is a "very talented interior designer "while Janine's dad "is a builder and master cabinet maker". In fact, as we chatted on the phone the always bubbly Janine noted "my dad is hanging wallpaper in my salon today".

While Janine was encouraged at home to be creative and entrepreneurial she quite simply "had enough of the home building and related business world" and wanted "to work with hair" which she adored and for which she had such a great natural talent.

After high school Janine made an immediate beeline for cosmetology school (Golden West). She didn't waste any time wondering about what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Having enjoyed her teen years as the local go-to Party Hair diva, Janine had no doubts of what she wanted to accomplish in her life.

Hooking Up With Sexy Hair

While still in beauty school, Janine visited a professional hair and beauty trade show where she was instantly drawn to The Sexy Hair booth.

Intrigued by all aspects of The Sexy Hair formulations and packaging, she purchased several of the products for her private use and experimentation.

She reported her "instant attachment to how easy the products were to use and the great results she was able to achieve with the Sexy Hair formulations". Taking several products home she loved "how the instructions for use were so clearly outlined on the bottles and packaging".

Janine believes "consumers and newly minted hairdressers are often overwhelmed by the many hair care system choices".

She felt "Sexy Hair helps consumers and hairdressers cut through the confusion". They offered brilliant "mindless marketing" that just about anyone can easily understand.

As a result of her newfound addiction to The Sexy Hair product line, Janine signed on to work for the company full time. She confessed to becoming a major pest after she was hired. Laughing she confided "I was always bugging them to call me if they had any hair work or projects I could do for them".

After constant reminders of her interest in working on Sexy Hair projects, Janine received an unexpected last minute call from a company rep asking if she would be willing to drive from LA to San Diego to assist with a company project.

It was a request made because the original hairdresser booked on the project had unexpectedly cancelled but Janine jumped at the opportunity and thought nothing of making the drive for a chance to get some work under her belt.

Working With Sexy Hair Founder Michael O'Rourke

Michael O'Rourke Founder Of Sexy Hair Concepts

Sexy Hair Concepts All Rights Reserved

Making that unplanned drive to San Diego was a turning point for Janine.

When she arrived at the predetermined location she discovered she would actually be assisting the world famous Sexy Hair founder Michael O'Rourke. This was a major career milestone for Janine.

Spinning her great fortune at this incredible opportunity into a long term connection, Janine started assisting Michael on a constant basis.

From that point on Janine "was involved in every photo shoot or similar shoot for Sexy Hair".

As one of Michael's assistants she traveled around the globe and worked on all the Sexy Hair campaigns.

Janine's time spent working with Michael gave her the opportunity to learn and grow at the hands of the great hairdresser. He took her under his wing and she was thrilled by the opportunity.

One of the things Janine revealed she learned from Michael was to know "she is truly blessed". To "remind herself of her blessings, she had the word "Blessed" tattooed across her ribcage so as to never forget all the great things her life has provided for her".

Although I knew Janine was crazy busy, I didn't want to stop chatting with her. She is delightfully genuine, wildly fascinating, bursting with inexhaustible enthusiasm while incredibly kind and generous. While it's obvious she has lots of drive and ambition, she was charming and had a free spirit vibe.

A self-professed workaholic, Janine confirmed she "works 24/7, all the time" and her career is about "life on call". Luckily "she is blessed" with tons of fabulous people in her life who "support, encourage and help her achieve her many professional goals".

Hairroin Salon In Hollywood

Hairroin Salon Addicted To Style Hollywood, California

Janine Jarmin All Rights Reserved

When Janine confided to Michael her ultimate dream to own her own salon, he "volunteered his help". Michael, as Janine put it "cares deeply for all of his hair artists".

He is also someone she considers "a best friend and source of constant inspiration".

She laughed and told me "Michael has the energy of a 20 year old and can out style, out perform and outdo everyone at Sexy Hair".

What's his secret I quizzed her? "He does daily Tai Chi and has a positive can-do attitude", she explained.

He also "keeps it real" and is "constantly giving back to hairdressers and the hairdressing industry".

What better person to help Janine create her own salon than Michael O'Rourke?

Afterall, the iconic hairdresser has had great success creating multiple hair empires. Michael created a 35-unit salon chain in South Africa as well as a 30 unit salon & store chain for Carlton Hair & Health Care & Beauty Stores over the years.

Of course he also created and developed the Ecoly and The Sexy Hair Concepts (Sexy Hair) product lines and systems.

Janine reported Michael "helped her walk through all the different processes on a constant basis and guided her with all the steps she needed to complete to open her place". He helped her "every inch of the way".

Just six months after moving to Los Angeles (from her hometown of Huntington Beach in Orange County) she opened her dream salon titled Hairroin (pronounced Hair-O-In) with the tagline "Addicted to styles".

Located at 1553 Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, California (323 - 467-0392) in the vicinity of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, Janine graciously provided some local markers to help me mentally place her location. She noted the salon is near some of the hottest clubs in town and is designed to be a fun place to visit.

Hairroin is staffed with some of the "best stylists in LA" and Janine is always looking to add more top notch stylists. Besides "attracting a recognized celebrity clientele the salon's hairdressers are in demand by high profile photographers for big name fashion designers".

They are also on call for work for shoots for Elle, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Many of the Hairroin stylists are noted educators in the hair field.

Janine joyfully noted "she owns the salon she always wanted to work at". The salon has a rotating staff of 15 different stylists that are available six days a week from 11 am until 11 pm.

Importance Of Training AT Hairroin

Training is of utmost important to Janine and is a key tenet in the Sexy Hair organization.

In fact, "it sets the company apart from all of their competition". Michael O'Rourke's Institute of Courage (opened in the Spring of 2006) was designed to give hairdressers the courage to grow and provides state of the art training for stylists to explore the depths of their creativity through O'Rourke's signature hair cutting system - Structure in Motion™.

Michael's basic philosophy is to create curriculums that will not only teach hands on skills applicable to daily life in the salon, but also skills and ways of thinking that will help hairdressers get to where they want to go.

Janine discussed her own personal commitment to The Institute and her desire to help all the hairdressers she hires for Hairroin to learn to achieve their own personal styling velocity.

She also cares "about creating a unique mood and setting for the shop along with consistency, which she believes is key for building a solid business." Janine wants an "un-salon type of salon". "Friendliness is also very important" to Janine. She wants everyone to fell welcome at her salon.

She explained "trainers from Sexy Hair" visit the salon on a regularly scheduled basis (approximately twice a year) to provide all levels of training to all her stylists. At this stage the salon is still taking shape but "she has her fingers crossed" that all turns out exactly as she hopes.

While "there are many challenges to building a salon team" she takes it day to day with a goal of understanding what motivates her team to achieve greater things.

Sexy Hair Products At Hairroin

Fiercely devoted to The Sexy Hair company, Janine features the entire Sexy Hair line of products at the salon. She especially loves several of the styling products.

She's a huge fan of The Sexy Curl Diffusing Mousse and the best selling Healthy Sexy Hair Full Hair Firm Hold Hairspray which delivers firm, all-day hold.

She also loves the Curly Sexy Hair 24/7 Curls Instant-Set Curling Spray which she uses with heated styling tools to create incredible results.

Janine explained "the 24/7 product is so amazing because it is essentially a dry oil spray". In fact, the product started life "as a spray shine" but with ongoing innovation by the Sexy Hair chemists and "the addition of a special memory agent used in the clothing trade, the product evolved to its current fabulous formula".

Janine waxed poetically about several of the different Sexy Hair products and their different benefits. In fact, she informed me, "the main reason Michael O'Rourke continues to do hands on styling and platform demonstrations" while "getting down and dirty in the hair world" is because he receives "inspiration for new products from his work".

A good partner for The Sexy Hair Concept line, in Janine's opinion, is The Davines hair care line which is "much softer" and "offers a great relaxer" for men and shorter tresses, which Janine uses on client JC Chavez for his very curly tresses.

And speaking of relaxers, Janine chemically straightens longer hair using the famous Yuko system.

She also speaks highly of "Wella hair color" which is what she uses at her fabulous new salon.

Retiring Her Updo Toolkit

I asked Janine if she still created lots of updos these days. "Not so much anymore" she replied. Afterall, "in Hollywood the styles are much more relaxed and much less finished than traditional updos".

Of course elaborately styled and finished updos are "were the big thing for Prom and high school party hair" but is "not really worn by most celebrities".

However, the uber busy hairdresser "still does beautiful twists and soft buns" for various "Red Carpet events" and knows she can always fall back on her special updo skills it needed. However, her claim to high school fame, her stunning updo weaving skills have been temporarily retired.

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning 09-27-2006 All Rights Reserved

As Janine was discussing the development of her salon business I asked if she often worked with celebrities for the various award shows.

She confirmed her past work for the various Red Carpets and noted the possibility of "doing actress Taryn Manning's hair for the upcoming Golden Globe Awards".

She casually mentioned "Taryn's a long time hair client and good friend".

I was thrilled at the mention of the Hustle & Flow (Tara) actress and explained about my recent feature on her fabulous yet widely underrated and underappreciated talents.

Agreeing with my assessment of Taryn's incredible acting talents she told me "Taryn is the busiest little girl in Hollywood right now". She also explained the actress "only takes roles she believes in" and has a lot of "personal integrity and commitment to her acting craft".

Indeed, Taryn is crazy busy. She played the part of Alanna in the film, After Sex, which is scheduled to be released in 2007. She also worked in several other TV and film projects during 2006 including Drive (for TV) and Your Name Here, Jack and Jill vs. the World, The Speed of Thought, Last Resort and Beneath Justice.

Taryn Manning 06-02-2006 All Rights Reserved

Excited by discovering Janine's connections to Taryn I temporarily swerved from our conversation focus and pumped Janine for related hair information on the brilliantly talented and beautiful Ms. Manning.

During her work on Hustle & Flow the stunning actress "was required to wear fusion style hair extensions" which Janine confided "actually caused some long term damage to Taryn's natural hair".

In fact, as a result of the painful experience with the previous fused in extensions, Taryn was working very hard with Janine's guidance to restore the health of her tresses.

The actress, according to Janine, "is taking hair vitamins and pampering her hair to help it recover".

Janine confirmed Taryn had "just finished filming a movie with Freddie Printz Jr". For Taryn's character, which was very much a soft and "warm earth mother type", Janine "colored her hair a beautiful base shade of strawberry" (see image above from 09-27-06) and "then extended the length" with a "full head of hair extensions carefully dyed to match the base color".

Because of Taryn's previous damage from fusion extensions which actually left some thinning hair spots, Janine was careful to use temporary extensions that would not put stress on Taryn's scalp or recovering strands.

Taryn Manning 09-27-2006 All Rights Reserved

Janine explained "the extensions I used on her are known as beaded extensions. They last 2-4 months and use no heat or glue to attach, which makes them easier to wear with no damage".

To apply them to Taryn's head Janine meticulously "laced a light weight aluminum bead to a very small section of Taryn's hair".

She then "slipped a wax tipped extension piece in with the bead and Taryn's tresses and then pressed the bead shut, securing the extension and natural hair together".

This type of extension method is "much better for her fine hair". Janine explained "the beaded extensions also match the density of Taryn's natural hair better to insure a more natural look".

At the current time Janine noted "Taryn is between film projects and is thus sporting a golden blonde shoulder length disheveled cut which perfectly defines the fun and edgy person she is".

Fateful Halloween With The Pussycat Dolls

Robin Antin Harajuku Lovers' Apparel Line 10-21-2006 All Rights Reserved

Understanding the aspect of great timing and sudden opportunities, Janine jumped at the chance to give up her Halloween celebrations five years ago in favor of filling in as the hairdresser for a desperate entertainment troupe of young women who couldn't find a last minute hairdresser to help them get ready for a performance.

The troupe turned out to the Pussycat Dolls, long before they hit it big with their first CD (on Innerscope Records in 2005). In fact, Carmen Electra was still involved with the group at that point in time.

The Pussycat Dolls were born in a tiny dance studio in the L.A. garage of actress Christina Applegate, with whom Doll's founder Robin Antin (Jonathan Antin's sister) was rooming in the early ‘90s. Robin had appeared in commercials, and did choreography for music videos for the likes of Smash Mouth, The Offspring and No Doubt.

Janine had never heard of the Dolls before that fateful Halloween but was cheerfully willing to help them out with her hair expertise. New relationships were instantly formed between Janine and Robin. Her initial friendship with the dolls also took root.

As a result, Janine made a decision to commit long term to the group and has been working with the Pussycat Dolls ever since that fateful Halloween night. Janine has been with them every step of the way as they became hugely popular and wildly successful.

Janine continues to be the Dolls official hairdresser and Robin's personal hairdresser to this day.

Early Pussycat Dolls (L to R) Jaime Pressly, Cyia Batten, Carmen Electra, Kasey Cambell & Robin Antin (Dolls Founder) Maxim Magazine Heats Up Los Angeles With The Pussycat Dolls 12-03-2003

CW All Rights Reserved

Over the past five years as the official Pussycat Doll hairdresser Janine has had the opportunity to work with many of the guest celebrity performers including Carmen Electra, Lil Kim, Samaire Armstrong, Mya, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Applegate and Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas.

With each of the guest stars Janine's goal was to take their hair to new dramatic heights and integrate their looks with the rest of the Pussycat Dolls.

This almost always means the use of clip-in extensions to achieve the lush full volume and length of a traditional Burlesque star. Janine draws her inspiration for the different Doll looks from previous troupes and from Las Vegas showgirls and Burlesque performers.

So how does Janine get along with The Pussycat Dolls? "They're all great to work with".

Pussycat Doll Reality TV Show

Shortly Janine will be adding reality TV star to her mile long resume.

Under the guidance of The Pussycat Doll's creator and founder Robin Antin, young Pussycat Doll hopefuls will live together and have their singing ability, dance moves and sheer self-confidence put to the test, as they vie for the opportunity to join the chart-topping singing sensations, as the group expands from six members to seven.

Janine was tapped by Robin, her long term friend and client, to be an integral part of the show. Besides being responsible for performing all the hair makeovers for the fifty contestants, Janine will share some on-camera duties including judging.

Who Are The Pussycat Dolls?

The Pussycat Dolls have long been an outlet for pretty young Hollywood starlets who loved to pretend they were sexy burlesque-style dancers for a night.

The troupe continued to evolve and eventually make the commitment to becoming a full-fledged permanent pop act. Taking on the recording industry in a huge way, their single debut "Don't Cha" featuring Busta Rhymes set the Billboard charts on fire. The single was a perfect mix of rap and dance.

The group is lead by 27 year old singer Nicole Scherzinger who was part of the girl group Eden's Crush. Nicole is joined by Ashley, Melody, Kimberly, Carmit and Jessica.

Makeovers For 50 Pussycat Doll Wannabes

The show features a group of very diverse young women from all walks of life with all types of hair who are undergoing a complete transformation both physically, emotionally and mentally.

The goal of the show is to teach the contestants to express their inner femininity with confidence and poise through performing and the idea that in every women hides a true Pussycat Doll.

Janine's goal was to design makeovers that demonstrated a dramatic change.

I quizzed Janine about the reactions of the contestants to having their tresses dramatically altered through color or cutting. She noted the occurrence of some tears by some of the girls. Yet it was important to create a dramatic difference which meant adding bangs on some of the girls and using either fusion or clip-in extensions for many of them.

Unhappiness over a haircut was a theme played out by one of the contestants with naturally curly hair that Janine reported "had not had her hair cut over an extended period and needed a major trim".

Doing so many make-overs was a lot of work but Janine enjoyed the experience immensely.

World Travels

As a result of her work with Sexy Hair Concepts and The Pussycat Dolls, Janine has worked in all areas of the media including filming videos. She has also been able to travel around the world working with hair and meeting a stunning array of world famous hair experts as well as celebrities.

What could be better than traveling to exotic new locations to do the thing you love best in the world?

Janine mentioned she had been to Singapore and several other exciting International locations as a result of her hair work.

Empire Academy Work

When I was doing my pre-interview research on Janine I located her on the Empire Academy Of Makeup website. I asked her if she was still connected with the academy and she confirmed "in her spare time she still taught hair there and had been with Empire for several years, since she graduated from beauty school".

She explained what a great place Empire is. I couldn't believe she had time, with everything else going on in her life to still teach but she told me "she always makes times".

Which pretty much sums up Janine. She seems to always make time for everyone and very generous and giving. As we were ending our interview she encouraged me to "call me anytime for help with hair questions". What a sweetheart.

Goals - Dreams With Deadlines

Right now Janine has several carefully focused goals. She wants to grow her salon business, nurture the professional development of her staff as well as launching her own line of clip-on hair extensions based on her own work with The Pussycat Dolls over the past several years.

Janine's clip-in hair line is currently in development and targeted for late Summer of 2007 release. As with everything she does, Janine is determined to offer hair consumers an easy-to-use but very high quality product which she mentioned will be packaged in a "very cute clutch handbag". And yes, it will come with "simple instructions".

I have no doubt this multi-talented and vivacious celebrity hairdresser will achieve all of her goals.

So what is a goal after all? According to Janine, the Sexy Hair educators taught her that goals are "dreams with a deadline". And Janine is a person who meets all of her deadlines with time to spare.

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