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Shear Genius Winner: Janine Jarman Didn't Spill

When I first heard that Janine Jarman was on the new season of Shear Genius 3 I immediately blew up her cell trying to get some dirt.  Of course I've known Janine for several years and had a fabulous time covering a Red Carpet event she held last year at her amazing Hairroin Salon.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 Contestants - Arzo, Giacomo, Janine, Matthew and Faatemah - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine called me right back and arranged to give a a long interview about SG3 and her participation.  Even though I promised to take everything she said off the record, if she wanted me too (she didn't) she wouldn't even give me a hint of who won.  I even tried asking her a few different ways.  Nope, not a peep.

Staying In Touch

Janine and I stayed in touch as the contest continued onward.  Still no scoops on who won, but as the numbers declined I started to feel she might be the winner.

Even though Janine and I talked on the phone as recently as 10 days ago, she still wouldn't tell me was going to win the $100,000.  She did ask me to encourage all my visitors to vote for her as Fan Favorite and I said to her "well if you won the $100K, why would you care about an extra $10k?"  She didn't really answer me, but that question made me seriously think she had not won the big prize.

Janine Would Not Reveal The Winner

No, she wouldn't ever tell me.  But in the pit of my stomach I had a horrible feeling.  At first I thought Matthew might win and I was totally good with that.  Yes, I wanted Janine to win, but if she wasn't going to win, I didn't want Brig to win.  I would even have been happy with Jon or Brian winning.  Just not Brig.

As I was live Tweeting the final show I could see that Brig was gaining strength.  Did Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure Magazine make the final call?  Or did Camila Alves with her negative comments about Janine's work sink her?

Janine With Pussycat Dolls

Yes, Janine has been working with the Pussycat Dolls for years including Robin Antin, but no, that did not in any way influence Jonathan Antin, brother of Robin.  In fact, if anything, Jonathan was much harder on Janine than the other contestants.  Don't believe me?  Watch all the prior episodes.

One other thing to know.  A lot of the contestants knew the judges from before.  The competitive hair world is a small industry and the cream rises to the top.  Most of the judges and other contestants all knew each other before in some capacity.

Winners Of Shear Genius Fade Into The Background

After the show was over I texted Janine with a comment "I'm mega bummed" and she sent me back a "it's OK" text.  What a champ.  Even though she lost, she still congratulated Brig and took it with grace and charm.

I just hope that now that Brig has won Shear Genius that she will fade deep into the background like the other two SG winners.  Ironically, the runner ups seem to be more visible than the winners.  Hopefully that will be the case with Janine and Matthew.  And it will be, as far as my coverage is concerned.

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