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Janine Jarman Talks Hair After Shear Genius 3

I became acquainted with celeb hairdresser Janine Jarman some years ago when she was getting ready to open her ultra cool Hairroin Salon in West Hollywood.

Janine was adorable on the phone.  She was bubbly, funny and charming, just like she was on Shear Genius 3.  She chatted about her lifelong obsession with doing hair, her mentor ship under the watchful eye of industry great Michael O'Rourke and her dreams for the future.

Imagine my joy when Janine was announced as a contestant on Bravo/TV's Shear Genius 3.  I managed to get in a phone call with Janine before SG aired, but I promised not to spill any SG spoilers.  Which of course I didn't.

After the show was over I was in LA and called Janine's salon to arrange a time to pop by for a quick chat.  As always, Janine was busy doing a million things at once but while she worked on a client's blonde highlights she made time to answer a few questions. I was sooooo bummed you didn't win. I thought for sure either you or Matthew would win.  I was so shocked when Brig won for her non-hair style.  I was screaming at the TV and cursing the judges, except Kim Vo, whom I adore.

Janine Jarman: Laughing....Yeah, it's Okay.  I'm okay with it though. I get that a lot.  And Kim Vo is definitely adorable.  He's so hilarious all the time. Were you shocked when you and Brig were the last two standing on the podium?  What were you thinking at that point?  I know I was holding my breath and praying for you.

Janine Jarman:  It was Twilight Zone-y.  I had always thought it would be me and Matthew.  If that had happened I would have been happy with the better person winning.  When it was Brig instead of Matthew I was like, huh, really, OK.  I really didn't see it coming with Brig.  But you just never knew what was really going on during the competition.  There were times where I thought I did really well in a challenge, but I didn't and times where I thought I didn't go well and I won the challenge.  Regardless of everything, at the end of the day, it definitely made for an interesting season and a very interesting ending.  Do you think the SG3 producers were pushing for Brig to win because she was so much into playing the drama card throughout the entire season?  She didn't seem to be a very good hairdresser, in my humble opinion,so the fact she won a hairdressing competition seemed odd to me.  Like there was another agenda which was hidden?

Janine Jarman:  Many thought she consistently didn't do hair. It's hard.  At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions about the work done on the show and the show's agenda.  I didn't go there to "play a game". I took it very seriously.  I went there to do the best hair I could do.  It was the hardest hair styling work I've ever done. And that's what I did. And if it got me second, then that's what I deserved.  Right?  If you had a chance to do it all over again would you have done anything differently?

Janine Jarman:  Oh my god yes, it still haunts me to this day. I'm a true perfectionist and an obvious overachiever, so everything that I didn't win I was asking myself what would I have done differently?  Even stuff that I did win I'm like, how could I have made it better? So for me it was a really unique experience to be able to see my work play out week after week. It's been a really good reality check for me. It's helped me become even better.  I would watch the episodes and be like, I need to push myself in this area; I need to do better at this... Why did you decide to do Shear Genius 3?

Janine Jarman: Many reasons. I wanted to show my stylists at Hairroin and my clients what I could do.  I wanted to push myself professionally, push my boundaries.  So how did your stylists and clients feel about you being on Shear Genius 3?

Janine Jarman:  The clients, my stylists and my family were so thrilled.  My family was  thrilled.  They were beside themselves they were so excited. It's been such a fun experience with all the people that are close to me. They really enjoyed watching me, were rooting for me, and were proud of me.  I know you are very close to your dad and he made that incredible wooden hutch for your Hairroin opening.  What did you dad think about you on Shear Genius?

Janine Jarman:  My dad has only seen me cut his own hair, so for him to see me do runway hair...In the past he never knew exactly what I was doing with hair or why I was traveling everywhere for work.  He was like, I had no idea that's what you were doing.  Had you ever thought you would be featured on a reality TV show since you had already done them before with the Pussycat Dolls?

Janine Jarman:  I don't really watch reality TV.  I'm from LA and I've been on enough reality sets, so I know the stuff that goes down.  For me to go on SG3 I decided I would just true to myself. I was like, I'm going to work my butt off, and hopefully it gets me all the way to the winners circle. Do you stay in touch with any of the other contestants?

Janine:  Absolutely.  Matthew is coming to stay with me this weekend. His niece and my sister are in a cheer competition together this weekend, so we're going to a cheer competition together! I also text back and forth with Jon, Arzo, and I talk to Faatemah all the time. Whenever I'm in New York I see Brian. I talk to Amy, who just had a new baby.

I made a lot of great friends on the show, which I didn't expect to get that out of it. I feel like it's just an extra bonus.  I still do the hair of some of my SG3 models and some of the production team from Bravo. Will you stay in touch with Brig?

Janine Jarman:  Laughing, probably not. What's next for you with your amazing hair career?

Janine: I'm still working with Sebastian as their West Coast spokesperson.  I will continue to represent them which is so much fun and exciting.  You said on camera that your longtime boyfriend (who's such a cutie) told you if you won SG3 he'd propose.  Now you're getting married at the end of June.  But you didn't win SG. You came in second.  What happened?

Janine: Laughing, yeah, I'm getting married at the end of June and there's so many things to still take care of.  Being on Shear Genius 3 and getting married in one year has made this a pretty exciting year.

Visit Janine and her team of amazing stylists at Hairroin Salon in Hollywood.

Hairroin Salon

1553 North Cahuenga Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90028-7312

(323) 467-0392

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