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Janine Jarman Has Grand Slam On Shear Genius 3 Episode 7

I had the pleasure of meeting Janine Jarman some years ago at the point in her career when she was just opening her amazing Hairroin Salon.  Since that time I have watched Janine grow into a world class celebrity and high fashion hairdresser.

It's almost as if Janine was a rare flower and I have had the special privilege of watching her blossom over the years.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 cast - Janine Jarman is far left in the red dress - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

I was so thrilled when I heard Janine was going to be on Shear Genius 3.

While I've watch Shear Genius 1 and 2, I was not nearly as obsessed with every little detail as I am for Shear Genius 3.  Maybe because I'm rooting for Janine to win.

Imagine my glee when Janine swept both the Shortcut Challenge and the Elimination Challenge on the seventh episode.

Janine started with a bang when she took an African American model and designed a spectacular custom updo for her.  Not only did Janine do any amazing job of creating a winning hairstyle, she won high praise from guest judge, Kimberly Kimble.   Although Brian came in second, Janine's hairstyle was so brilliant, Brian wasn't even a close second.

Janine's win gave her a distinct advantage going into the Elimination Challenge.  Not only was Janine allowed to take first pick of the models but she could also assign the models to the other SG3 contestants.

Of course this was a great coup for Janine because she could pick the best model for herself and give the worst model to any of her competitors.  As it turned out, Janine did take the pick of the model liter and she gave the runt of the model liter to chronic pain in the butt, Brig.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 competitor Janine Jarman - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine was gracious in her assignments giving her buddy Matthew the next best model.  Actually, even Brian and Jon got better models than Brig.  Of course Brig, who is not shy by any stretch of the imagination, told the camera Janine was being obvious by sticking her with the model with the absolute worst hair.  Boohoo for Brig.

The Elimination Challenge required the SG3 contestants to create a 60s/70s hairstyle for singer Estelle's Red Carpet CD party.  Janine was thrilled with the challenge.  She was having so much fun it was literally oozing out of every pore.  It was fun watching her in this challenge.

Of course Brig decided to try and steal her thunder by telling judge consultant Orlando Pita she was creating a Diana Ross which was exactly what Janine had already told her model she was going to do.  Was Brig deliberately copying Janine's brilliant idea?  Hmmmm.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 competitor Janine Jarman - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine was not phased by Brig.  She set to work in typical Janine style and whipped up an eye-popping, mouth-dropping gorgeous interpretation of the famous Supreme.  You could almost hear the judges gasping when Janine's model sashayed down the Red Carpet.  That's how gorgeous the hairstyle was.

As far as Brig?  Her version of Diana Ross, which she described differently after she saw Janine's version was attacked by the judges who said her model looked like she had come home from a party and was getting ready to bed.  Oh snap.

When it came time to announce the winner there was no contest.  Not even close.  Jon came in second with Brig and Brian in the bottom two.

While everyone was rooting for Brig to get the boot, she somehow managed to skate by.  Of course that's right up her alley since she has been photographed skating around the condo where the SG3 contestants are staying.

Estelle and Kim Vo raved about Janine's hairstyle.  Even Camilla Alves could only come up with one minor comment.  Almost as if the show's producer told her to come up with something.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 competitor Janine Jarman - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Not only did Janine win the Shortcuts Challenge, she rocked it on The Elimination Challenge.

In fact, it almost looked like Janine was having so much fun on both challenges she wasn't even working hard.  She was just jamming with her models.  Of course we all know Janine did work hard but she put her full heart and soul into it.

Recap Of Janine's Performance On SG3 To Date

Janine's sweep of Episode 7 demonstrated what a fierce competitor she is.  At this point the two strongest competitors are Janine and Matthew.  Jon is very talented and Brig is just downright annoying.  I personally feel like Brig is still in the competition because she is such a drama queen which makes for good reality TV.  Maybe not, but that's my opinion.

Meanwhile Janine's win of the Elimination Challenge is her second win of the season.  She won the very first Elimination Challenge.  Janine is tied with Matthew.  Each has two Elimination round wins.  However, it should be pointed out that one of Matthew's Elimination wins was with Janine as his teammate.  Hmmm.  What does that say?

In addition to her two Elimination Challenge wins Janine has had three placements in the top three.  She did have one slip where she was in the bottom three but only once.

Matthew has had only two placements in the top three on the Elimination round but he has not been in the bottom three.

One difference between Janine and Matthew is that Janine has won more of the Short Challenges than Matthew.  She also seems to have a much more diverse background in hair including African American hair and hair extensions.

At this point the two competitors who Brig is constantly bashing, are pretty close.  I think Janine has the edge at this point, but the way this competition goes anything can happen.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 competitor Janine Jarman - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Even though I am expecting the competition to heat up, I know Janine will rise to the occasion and kick some major butt.

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