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Hairstyles: Feel Comfortable In Your Own Hair


Ellen DeGeneres 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards 01-09-07 All Rights Reserved

I adore talk show maven Ellen DeGeneres.

I am in awe of her personal courage to live her life with integrity, her dedication to a variety of humanitarian actions and her huge talent.

It was hard for me to believe she could impress me any further. But recently she did.

Ellen and her signature short buttery blonde tousled tresses went SuperGlam for the cover shoot of the March 2007 issue of W Magazine.

Even though Ellen looked amazing, I was impressed that Ellen stayed committed to her image. She honored her love of wearing suits instead of dresses even though W is a fashion magazine.

She also resisted the urge to transform her trademark short crop with extensions or wigs.

Ellen's gorgeous cover is yet another accomplishment from the woman who has stayed true to herself every step of the way with her life and career.

As Ellen told People Magazine about the W shoot "I thought, okay, I'll be open to this. I'll play dress-up. Then I thought, I just don't feel comfortable. I don't want to apologize for who I am."

Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Hair

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres Vanity Fair Party 2007 All Rights Reserved

Ellen doesn't apologize for who she is even though she lost her sitcom when she took a big risk and came out of the closet on national television. The superstar talk show hostess and brilliant comedian didn't give up and continued to pursue her dreams.

Not only does Ellen always honor her fashion comfort zone, she rocks a range of hairstyles that truly express her personality.

Whether wearing baby bangs or her sassy tousled crop, Ellen has fun with her hair. She loves to show old images of herself in the early days of her career wearing a female mullet (aka gullet). She truly feels comfortable in her own hair.

If Ellen can do it while hosting the Oscars, appearing on her daily show or for a high fashion shoot, us mere mortals who live much lower profile lives should be able to feel comfortable in our hair with minimum hassle.

Hints For Adopting True Hair Comfort

Ellen DeGeneres 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Awards 05-14-05 All Rights Reserved

Let's face it, life for most of us is a work in progress.

Don't assume that you will always instantly know how to wear your hair in the most comfortable way for you. Which means that the following hints will help you find your way:

1. Start by defining your overall style.

Are you a casual jeans and t-shirt person or do you cringe at the thought of wearing anything without a designer label attached somewhere?

Just as Ellen understands her comfort wearing suits rather than dresses, understanding your overall style helps you find styles that are compatible with who you are.

2. Be a copycat.

If you're unsure of your true style check out your favorite celebs for hairstyle inspiration to trigger your own hair comfort zone. Most celebrities have access to some of the most brilliant fashion consultant, hairdresser and make-up gurus.

Even though Ellen has established her own signature hairstyle and look, it has taken years to fine tune it. Of course Ellen follows her own desires but you can bet she has had great expert advice along the way.

3. Define your willingness to be a non-conformist.

It’s human nature to want to conform. Not only do conformists avoid the risk of exclusion, its easier to follow the crowd. But does following the crowd with the hairstyles you wear force you to be someone you don't really want to be? Take the time to understand the truth behind your hairstyle selection motives.

Ellen DeGeneres HBO Emmy Party 09-19-04 All Rights Reserved

4. Evaluate all possible consequences.

It's possible the true-to-yourself hairstyle may also have consequences for you such as impacting your career, personal relationships or related issues. Are you willing to deal with those consequences?

Although Ellen has emerged from her life challenges wildly victorious, there were publicly reported consequences along the way. Ellen made difficult choices but they were her choices.

5. Take baby steps.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Be willing to take baby steps towards your comfort hair zone. If you plan to adopt a more radical haircut, color or style, take it slowly. Transition from your current look to your desired look in a series of steps allowing friends, family, co-workers and bosses to get used to your slow progression.

6. Be prepared to defend your style.

Ellen DeGeneres Prada Beverly Hills 07-15-04 All Rights Reserved

Once you find a hairstyle, cut or color that gives you true strand peace, be prepared to defend it if you have seriously evaluated the consequences and are committed.

Everyone from your partner, family and friends may weigh in with their opinions. Ignore them and follow your own wishes.

7. Play with your style.

Once you've incorporated your new comfort hairstyle play with different styling products, accessories or modified styles that give you more options for your chosen style.

8. Bask in the freedom.

Once you have identified your desired cut, length, color and related hairstyle enjoy the freedom of wearing your tresses for your own pleasure.

Many people find that the way they wear their hair is dictated throughout their lives by a variety of authority figures and partners.


Everyone is unique and deserves to follow their heart. Life is too short to suffer with a hairstyle that goes against your true comfort hair zone. So go out there and find the style that gives you true joy.

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