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Hairstyles In Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson Long Glad Side Braided Hairstyle

Hairstyles In Pregnancy

When you're pregnant the last thing you want to worry about is having bad hair days.  All those hormones often help the hair to grow faster, thicker, fuller and take on an amazing lushness.

On the downside pregnancy can sometimes increase frizz, change the texture and cause challenges with unmanageability.  It's always good to find hairstyles during pregnancy which are easy to create and minimize bad hair days.  You may not wish to make any drastic changes to your current hairstyle, but certainly keep your hair looking great.

Long sensual braids, side ponytails and soft buns are perfect hairstyles in pregnancy to look chic, but comfortable.

Jessica Simpson announced her first pregnancy on Halloween 2011 by dressing in a Mummy costume and telling the press she was going to be a new mummy in 2012.

Jessica is almost as famous for her many hairstyles, add-on hair extensions and fashion lines as she is for her career as a singer.  It's no surprise she's been wearing her pregnancy hair in an array of beautiful long braids and side ponytails.  Jessica has always been partial to braids and has worn her hair shoulder length or longer for the majority of her career.

Listed below are some easy, but chic hairstyles to wear during pregnancy to look stunning.

Messy Glam Side Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be created on any type or texture of hair which has been ironed or styled straight. Ideally hair should either be long or enhanced with clip-in or fusion hair which is very appropriate for Jessica's hair wardrobe.  If you don't want to mess with ironing your hair or blow drying it straight, you can just clip in a long braid.  

Jessica Simpson Long Side Braid

The style looks best when the braid extends towards or even below the waist.

Follow the steps below to copy:

On newly cleansed and dry hair, or second day hair use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush too direct all of the hair to one side.

1. Create a deep side part then direct all the top and hair around the hairline over to one side. Pull all of the rest of the hair to one side over one shoulder.

2. Put your fingers into the hair along the top and throughout the side. Gather up large sections and tease to create sexy volume. Use fingers to smooth newly teased hair down. For exact texture use a tiny dab of styling wax.

3. Start to braid the hair over the shoulder. Begin a three strand loose braid right at the top of the shoulder leaving the hair from the part loose and tousled.  Braid all of the hair until the ends. Secure the braid with a Blax, Bungee or other similar hair elastic in the same color as your hair.

4. Once the braid has been created use your fingers to gently loosen the braid to create a tousled, sassy feel. Tousle the hair along the side.

5. Finish with a spritz of shine enhancing hairspray or swipe shine serum infused palms of your hands over the top of the look.

Beyonce Sleek Pregnancy Pony

Easy Sleek Pony Hairstyle

Beyonce make a classic mid-back ponytail look chic.  The superstar married to Jay-Z combines a full fringe with a long sleek pony.

Her pregnancy ponytail hairstyle can be created on any type or texture of hair.  Although it can be worn with pre-ironed hair, it can work beautifully on any hair type or texture.  The ponytail is easy and never goes out of style.

Follow the steps below to copy:

1.  On newly cleansed and dry hair, or second day hair, use a wide tooth or similar comb to create a vertical part behind the fringe running from ear to ear.

2.  Direct the fringe hair forward.  Tousle lightly with fingers.

3.  Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush too direct all the hair behind the ears back towards the back of the head.  Position the ponytail base in the middle of the head halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck.

4. Secure with a hair-covered elastic or wrap a strand of your hair around the elastic itself.

5.  Finish off with a spritz of light hairspray.

Natalie Portman Pregnancy Hairstyle

Other Pregnancy Hairstyle Options

Natalie Portman who has naturally curly hair seemed to favor ironed tresses worn in an array of side and pack ponytails.  She also wore some sleek chignons, knots and twists.

Other great options for hairstyles in pregnancy are half up/half down hairstyles or tousled bobs or pixies for short or medium length hair.

One great option for instantly dressing up any hairstyle is gliding on a headband to amp up volume throughout the crown. Natalie Portman is a fan of utilizing an array of headbands which instantly change up her normal everyday hairstyle.

Large volume barrettes as well as jaws and claws can also help create instant tousled updo hairstyles which are comfortable to wear, easy to create and add instant glam.


When it comes to hairstyles in pregnancy remember to enjoy your hair and play with an array of looks which work for you and your lifestyle.

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