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Hilary Duff's Happy Pregnancy

Hilary Duff's Happy Pregnancy

Hilary Duff Happy Pregnancy

With all the bad news in the world today and the pregnant celebrities who share way too much about their bodies it's nice to have Hilary Duff as a happy pregnant celebrity.

The beautiful blonde actress is polite to the paparazzi who want to capture photos of her growing baby bump.  She's handling the pressure of being a pregnant celeb very nicely. 

Hilary told the media ""I'm pretty pleasant to them (paparazzi) now, and they are usually pretty kind to me. So hopefully there's a little bit more respect that goes into it. I'm not the first person in Hollywood to have a baby. Other people have found a way to deal with it and I think I will, too. If it gets too much, we pack up and move, I guess. Mike and I talk about that sometimes…

Sometimes it's a more pleasant situation where it's like, OK, I can deal with this. I'm mentally prepared that this is going to happen and I kind of assume that they are going to be there…And you just take a breath and you go because you have to, because what else are you going to do? And then some days it just sucks. Who wants to be photographed every single day?

The thing is when everyone is creating a ruckus around you, everyone else that's standing around, it's embarrassing, because they're like who is that, what's going on over there? And you're just like, oh, I feel so helpless right now. And then the normal people start taking pictures of the paparazzi taking your picture. It's just a domino effect of situations that are happening."

Hilary is thrilled to be pregnant and she and her professional hockey hubby are very happy.

She told the media "I think it's such a miracle. I feel so lucky that I've had an easy pregnancy and hope it stays that way. I think feeling the baby move and getting those little kicks…seeing it happen through your shirt or looking at your belly, it's like, wow, there's a life inside of me. It's a piece of my husband and me and it's really wild. It's really exciting to think about the future and also a little scary…but so exciting at the same time.

We're giddy when we talk about it. We daydream about what our future is going to be like and what our child is going to look like and the little personality it's going to have. I think that's the craziest part."

Hilary, famous for her singing career sings to her husband and baby all the time.  She told the media "I sing in my car so much and we always have music in the house. I think he (the baby) really likes it. I just recently started taking vocal lessons again. I want to eventually make another record.

It just seems like a good time because I'm sitting idle a little bit. I feel very lucky to be able to not have to work during this pregnancy. I've been painting a lot and cooking and we've moved and I exercise all the time. And I've just been able to be me and be calm and really mellow during this time, and try to enjoy the peace and quiet.

But I was also like I don't want to waste this time because I want to get my voice in shape. He kicks me."

Hilary looks amazing and is so happy she is constantly glowing.  Her hair has even taken on a special shine and shimmer.

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