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Gorgeous Rhinestone Hairclips: Just in Time for Christmas!


Well, in the words of Jim Carey's version of the Grinch, these rhinestone hairclips are faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

Everybody's Wearing Them, always on the cutting edge of hair fashion, has managed to knock me out once again with these shimmery, glittery, oh-so-glamorous diamond-look hairclips! Check out any of the fashion mags, couture runways, awards ceremonies, and even those trashy fishwraps at the checkout counter, and you'll see plenty of celebs sporting sparkly hair ornaments. (Note: On sale until November 30th in the Marketplace.

Glamour is Back!

Christmas in 2000 is glamorous and glittery, and you can be one of the stylish lovelies wearing one or more of's rhinestone clips! Also, if you happen to be facing that all-too-common dilemma of what to wear for holiday parties, trust me--you can get away with last year's little red dress because all eyes will be on your diamond-studded 'do!

Sure, the Longhairs Can Wear Them, But How About Us Shorthairs?

Yeah, yeah, I know-you longhaired ladies can wear tons of these glittery pretties in your abundant hair. But we who keep our hairlength in inches rather than feet want glamour, too! So, as always, I found a way to work it. Starting right above my bangs, I took a small section of hair and twisted it, then clipped the hairclip around it. Presto! It looked like a small diamond tiara, twinkling like crazy! My hair is about 2" long all over, and the look was fantastic!

The clip is spring-loaded, and is very easy to use. It holds the hair beautifully, and stays in place. It is light enough to be a pleasure to wear, yet substantial enough to make a statement. I haven't tried this one myself, but I have seen shorthaired women wearing flexible headbands with jeweled barrettes clipped to the side of the bands-a very pretty look.

Longhaired gals can try wonderful variations with their hair using the rhinestone hairclips:

  • Hold the hair back on one side with two clips, one on top of the other.
  • While wearing the hair up, secure the back hair with one or two clips.
  • A classic chignon can be made memorable by wearing one of the clips right above the chignon.

Wear a Hairclip WHERE??

Ladies of all ages can wear these lovely hairclips, and you don't have to just wear them in your hair! Have I lost my mind? Not yet! Check this out: twist the end of your jersey, tunic, or silky shirt and clip the rhinestone hairclip to it for an eye-catching accessory.

If you are wearing a scarf over an outfit or over your coat, try this: using a large square scarf, fold it into a triangle, then drape the point of the triangle over your back, and bring the two points over your shoulders. Cross the points over your chest, and then secure them with the hairclip. Now turn the scarf so that the point that was over your back is now over one of your shoulders. The clip now rests on one shoulder, and you have a snazzy look for your scarf, accented by the sparkling clip. (You would not believe how these clips scintillate in sunshine!)

Are you wearing a dress for the holidays that has straps? For this look, the straps need to be about 1" to 1.5" wide: clip one or two of the rhinestone hairclips to the strap. You can push it down so that it rests on top of the bodice of your dress, or wear it perched on your shoulder like a shimmering butterfly, or as a really different look, clip it to the straps in back of your dress! Try one, or one on each strap, or multiples on one strap or both. I guarantee you'll get the looks!

Christmas is Coming FAST!'s rhinestone clips make great Christmas gifts! Who doesn't want to get a little sparkly for the holidays? Slip one into someone's Christmas stocking, tuck one or two into a beribboned box, or even clip one onto the ribbons of a special gift. Buy a few extra to keep for unexpected guests, too. There are few things more embarrassing then having someone drop by with a homemade jar of raspberry jam for you, and you have-well, nothing for them! Be ready for Christmas by following Hair's three B's:

  • Be prepared-have a few hairclips stashed away as extra gifts!
  • Be glamorous and keep some of these lovely rhinestone clips for yourself!
  • Be quick-everyone loves these hairclips, so grab some now while they last!

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