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Paris Hilton's Hair Is One Hot Toddy

The Celebrity Super Babe has been getting lots of online media buzz lately because her house was burglarized or robbed - depending who you talk to - of approximately 2 million dollars worth of possessions.

What you may have not read about is Paris' surprise appearance on Friday, December 19th's Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

Ellen has a tradition every year of giving away gifts for "The 12 Days Of Christmas" to her audience with the gifts being presented by an extremely large Christmas character.

The first year the Christmas character was a huge Gingerbread which was revealed on the last day of the give-a-ways to be Justin Timberlake.

This year the surprise celebrity inside the Christmas Hot Toddy character was none other than Paris Hilton who glammed up her giant Hot Toddy suit with sexy black Mary Jane style heels.

Ellen tried to give the audience clues of the celeb inside by asking the Hot Toddy character if they were hot?

Hot Toddy nodded yes.  At that point Paris was revealed underneath the giant Hot Toddy suit.  The "that's hot"  starlet was wearing a sexy Santa's Helper short red dress outfit (with contrasting black patent leather belt) complete with a Santa style red hat and white gloves.

Paris did a slight twirl and gave Ellen a big hug and waved to the audience.

Paris was wearing her buttery blonde hair long and lush with a hint of soft waves cascading down below her shoulders.  She also had eyebrow skimming length bangs brushed to either side of her face which made her brilliant blue eyes pop.

In true Paris Hilton fashion she definitely looked hot.

Ellen introduced Paris as her BFF and told her if she didn't already own the Santa's Helper suit she was wearing, she should take it home because she looked good in her Santa Helper's outfit.

Paris agreed and told Ellen she had "already asked if she could take the outfit home with her" from the show.

Ellen told Paris she had no idea she had been in the Hot Toddy suit for the 12 days of Christmas and Paris said "it was really hard work".  Ellen thanked her for making the time to do Hot Toddy.

Ellen asked her BFF if she bought Christmas presents for her many dogs and pets. Paris said she did "buy gifts her her animals" and that her "dogs have their own Christmas tree in their dog house".  She said "yes, it's (the Christmas Tree) so cute, it's pink".

Ellen asked if the dogs pee on the Christmas tree and Paris said "probably". Ellen also asked Paris what she was doing for The Holidays.

The newly revealed Hot Toddy celeb said she "was going Aspen to go skiing and to Australia for New Years".

Well that sounds hot to me.  Who wouldn't love Aspen and Australia for the Holidays?

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