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Decorate Your Hair For The Holidays

 Introduction - Decorate Your Hair For The Holidays

Christimas Ornament Christmas Ornament

Capture the magic of the Holiday season with a stylish hairstyle and glittering hair decorations which will instantly give you a festive look.

Whether your hair is short, medium or long in length, there are beautiful hair accessories for every Holiday hairstyle.  The same is true for every type and texture of hair from fine/thin to super thick.

Whether your hair is naturally bone straight or full of delicious natural textures, you can decorate your hair for the Holidays.

Be Creative - Add Your Own Signature Touch

If you don't want to go with traditional hair accessories such as crystal or sequin encrusted headbands, hair clips, barrettes or ponies, you can also be creative and design your own hair decorations.

Optionally you can start with a beautiful hair accessory and add your own signature touch by tucking a single sprig of holly, evergreen or mistletoe into the accessory of your choice.

Whether you showcase a ready-made hair accessory, add your own touches or create a new hair jewel by hand, why not spread good cheer amongst family and friends by buying/decorating/making a few extra for gifts of unexpected stocking suffers.

Holiday Hairstyles Perfect For Holiday Hair Accessories

Karen Marie Red Crystal Encrusted Barrette Karen Marie Red Crystal Encrusted Barrette

1.  Decorate a tousled or sleek sock bun updo with glittering hairpins, barrettes or hairclips.

2.  Draw attention to a topknot with a gorgeous satin-covered headband in gorgeous Holidays hues.  Slide the headband so that it's positioned a few inches between the hairline and the base of the topknot.

3.  Add a bit of Holiday cheer by tucking two or more festive hair styx into a classic French twist.

4.  Create a soft French hairline braid and add a tiny jeweled hair clip at the end of the braid.  Bedeck the braid by wearing a bit of brightly hued tinsel through the braid.

5.  Wear your hair in a half up/half down hairstyle cascading down into soft curls.  Anchor the base of the half up section of your hair with a jewel encrusted barrette, hair clip or hair pins.

6.  Create a low or side pony.  Wrap the base of the pony with crystal encrusted pony holders.

Karen Marie Crystal Bobby Pins Karen Marie Crystal Bobby Pins

7.  Go with a long lush ringlet infused hairstyle cascading from a glitter encrusted headband.

8.  Tousle a short or medium length bob and then pin a small glittery hair clip or array of bejeweled bobby pins on one side of the head.

Finish every hairstyle with a spritz of shimmer enhancing hairspray or a drop of shine serum.  This will make your tresses twinkle like tiny Christmas light.  Just remember to always add your hair accessories after you apply sprays or shine products.


Use your imagination but take a break from tradition and integrate pretty shades of Holiday red, green gold, silver and bronze into your hair accessory.

It's great to decorate your hair for the holidays because it only take a second, but can completely add a new element of visual interest to your normal hairstyle.

Happy Holidays!

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