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Nail Art For The Holidays

Nails With Sequins

Nail Art For The Holidays

Whether you clebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or nothing at all, it's always fun to change up your nail polish for the Holidays.  It's even better if you can also turn them into tiny works of art.

Listed below are some of the most popular nail colors for the Holidays combined with some ideas of unique Holiday Nail Art:

Festive Nail Polish Hues

Red is a classic holiday nail color.  Red looks luxe against velvet but tough and sexy against leather.  Even better, red looks amazing with enhanced with sequins, rhinestones and even a few small accent feathers.

Black polish is always in style for the Holidays.  The color is beautiful in open shoes, peep toes or on your fingers.  For extra glam you could add one beautiful shimmering crystal to each tip or combine with a sprinkle of glitter.

Other great Holiday nail hues include silver, gold and bronze.  If you want to take your nails over the tops cover them completely in glitter or just apply to target areas of the nails as shown in the image above and to the side.

Nail Tree For Christmas

Christmas Tree Made Out Of  Rhinestones

Nail artist Amanda Lenher or Posare Salon in Las Vegas was featured in Nails Magazine for her stunning Christmas tree nail design created on a beautiful rich red gel polish background.  Amanda used two layers of gel polish, curing after each application.

She used four small blue rhinestones laid in a square shape as the base of the tree.  Then she added two rows of five rhinestones for the lowest branches.  Amanda used green to simulate the leaves and mixed in colors to simulate ornaments.

After the two bottom rows of five rhinestones she added shorter rows working up the top of the tree.  The third row had three rhinestones, the second row had two and the top of the tree had one which was green.  She used a custom flower shaped yellow rhinestone as the star of the tree.

Although I've seen literally hundreds of nail art designs for the Holidays, I really love Amanda's because it is relatively easy to create and it is a recognizable design.  When I have tried to draw freehand on my nails it never seems to turn out how I would like it to.

White Nail With Blue Glitter

With the case of this Christmas tree you can just create it on one nail, two matching nails or every nail.  If you choose to create it on every nail keep in mind that it might be overkill.

Frosty White And Icy Blue

Icy white polish combined with a touch of glam blue and dusted with sprinkles is even better than a Holiday French manicure.

It's also more beautiful than just an all white or all blue hue.  The glam glitter which is the finishing touch on this nail art is festive and seasonally perfect.

Yoriko Kandono of Tokyo created this beautiful nail art shown in Nails Magazine.  This nail art looks a lot more complicated than it really is.

Follow the steps below to copy this nail art design:

Gina Morgan, Nails by Gina, Oakdale, Calif.

1.  Start by polishing the nail in a sparkly off-white hue. Create a diagonal French design with sparkly dark blue polish.

2.  Add glitter on the line between the two colors.

3.  Optionally you can use white acrylic paint to draw several snowflakes on the nail. Add three rhinestones. Seal with top coat.

Holiday Nail Decals

If you love Holiday nail art Cina Pro offers Peppermint Party Nail Art Pens and Holiday Decals. The decals feature snowmen with encapsulated rhinestones, silver stars, candy canes, and Christmas trees.

The decals were specially formulated so the dye will not run after application of a topcoat, acrylic, or gel, and are made with high-quality materials for durability and ease-of-use.


Adding beautiful nail art to rich Holiday nail hues provides a dynamic and individualistic touch.  Visit your favorite nail artist or experiment on your own at home.

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