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Cut Prom Hair Costs


Going to prom can be a budget buster. After working in the major cost of a gown with all the necessary accessories, your prom budget can be stretched to the max.

Cutting costs is always a plus when possible. Of course going to prom is very important so you may not wish to give up any important extras. One way you can maximize your budget is to find ways to cut your prom hair costs.

Listed below are some ideas for cutting costs for your prom hair style without sacrificing your ultimate look:

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #1: Do Your Prom Hair At Home

Do your hair at home by snagging the help of your mom, big sister or best friend. It is always best to ask someone to help you with your hair who is not also going to the Prom so that you will have their undivided attention. There are tons of easy ways you can do your hair for Prom at home.

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #2: Cheap Chic

If you're all thumbs and the thought of doing your prom hair at home gives you nightmares, consider going to a salon but taking a cost cutting path. Check out the local hair and beauty schools that offer salon services at a discount. Never fear, all beauty students are constantly supervised by teachers who are hair experts. Toni & Guy and John Paul Mitchell beauty schools are some of the best in the United States. If your city has a top rated beauty school, call to get the rates for having your Prom style done by the school.

If you are a little concerned by this option, arrange to go visit the school at least a month before your Prom to watch the students work.

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #3: Keep It Simple

If you really prefer to go to your favorite professional hairdresser select a style before you visit your stylist that is beautiful but relatively easy to create. This will minimize the cost of your visit. Ask if you can shampoo and blow dry your hair at home before your visit to cut that cost from the final bill. Skip any chemical treatments as well.

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #4: Shop In Advance For Hair Accessories

If you have your heart set on wearing a gorgeous headband, Swarovski crystal barrette or silk flower in your hair, shop as far in advance as possible. This will allow you plenty of time to shop on the Web to find the very best selection of Prom hair accessories and deals. It will also allow you to select the lowest priced shipping options.

When you wait until the last minute to search for your dream hair accessories you have find yourself reaching for the highest priced items and paying overnight shipping.

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #5: Borrowed Accessories

Keep in mind that one of your best buds or a older sisters might have some gorgeous accessories hanging around in their rooms. You might ask your family and best friends if you can borrow some of the accessories that will work perfectly with your gown and hairstyle. Promise to take extra special care of any borrowed gems and offer to do a few favors for them to show your thanks for any accessory loaners that they provide.

Prom Hair Cost Cutter #6: Planning For Beautiful Tresses

Ultimately the key to having spectacular Prom hair on a budget is advanced planning. It is never too early to strategize for your Prom hair style. Whether you decide to say big bucks by doing your hair at home or exercising other hair styling options, you will want to research the best styles at the same time you search for your dress.

Remember that planning helps achieve cost cutting and ultimate Prom hair perfection.


Be creative and think outside of the box and you will be well on your way to identifying and achieving several Prom Hair cost cutting measures.

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