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Blog about Hair Identity Thieves
On: Oct 9 2014 3:59 pm Hair Identity Thieves - Did you know credit card identity thief is not the only danger in today's world. There's also danger tied to hair identity thieves
Blog about Sex And The City Hair 10 Years Later
On: Oct 6 2014 3:38 pm Sex And The City Hair 10 Years Later - A fan of the original HBO show, I often wonder about Sex And The City Hair 10 years later. How has it changed?
Blog about Hair Pool Hazards
On: Oct 2 2014 9:39 pm Hair Pool Hazards - Hair pool hazards include potential entrapment hazards, and broncho-constriction due to hair absorption of excessive pool chemicals.
Blog about How To Get Tousled Hair
On: Oct 2 2014 4:32 pm How To Get Tousled Hair - Hair experts would agree the best hair for tousling has natural bend. It's usually best when it's shoulder length or longer.
Blog about FKA Twigs' Sexy Hair
On: Sep 30 2014 5:49 pm FKA Twigs' Sexy Hair - FKA Twigs' sexy hair was won tons of media buzz and it's rumored to be the inspiration for fans and other rockers including Katy Perry.
Blog about Random Long Hair Postings
On: Sep 22 2014 9:09 am Random Long Hair Postings - Due to a catastrophic boot disk error I've resolved to post some of the hair wisdoms I've been hoarding over the past 18 years.
Blog about What's Wrong With Susan Miller?
On: Sep 21 2014 9:38 pm What's Wrong With Susan Miller? Susan Miller is a very controversial astrologer who has been under attack. Is she ill? Her chart tells the true story.
Blog about Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care
On: Sep 21 2014 3:43 pm Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care - Do you ever wonder what happened to hair care products from the past? Take Estée Lauder Swiss Hair Care as an example.
Blog about Hair Extension Trauma
On: Sep 20 2014 4:25 pm Hair Extension Trauma - Unrelenting pain, scabs, scarring and a bloody scalp resulting from hair extension trauma is a reality for some wearers.
Blog about Top 10 Dry Shampoos
On: Sep 19 2014 7:36 pm Top 10 Dry Shampoos
Blog about Sexy Double Fishtails
On: Sep 19 2014 12:34 pm Sexy Double Fishtails - Plaits in a dizzying array are at in fashion. The sexy double fishtails highlighted in are sassy, edgy and easy to re-create.
Blog about Crunchy Curly Hair
On: Sep 18 2014 9:16 pm Crunchy Curly Hair - An ongoing debate in the world of curls is whether it's better to have crunchy curly hair or not. It's totally a matter of preference.
Blog about Death Of Asshole Hairstylists
On: Sep 12 2014 10:43 am Death Of Asshole Hairstylists - Many changes in the hair industry and the world have contributed to the death of arrogant, know-it-all hairstylists.
Blog about Persimmons For Hair Growth
On: Sep 11 2014 9:15 pm Persimmons For Hair Growth - Persimmons are a chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Eating persimmons for hair growth is an excellent option.
Blog about Hair Can Kill
On: Sep 10 2014 7:24 am Hair Can Kill - Hair can kill in a number of unexpected ways ranging from deadly allergic hair chemical reactions to choking in machinery accidents.
Blog about Eliza Doolittle Hair How
On: Sep 9 2014 9:18 pm Eliza Doolittle Hair How
Blog about Protective Hair
On: Sep 9 2014 7:25 pm Protective Hair - Regardless of your hair's length, texture, type or long term goals, protective styles, when properly created will safeguard your tresses.
Blog about Sewing Hair Tips
On: Sep 9 2014 3:48 pm Sewing Hair Tips - A popular attachment technique utilized in the hair extension industry is sew in strands also known as weaves which has pros and cons.
Blog about Hair Fall Oils
On: Sep 8 2014 8:56 pm Hair Fall Oils - There are several hair fall oil treatments which can slow down hair shedding. When scalp hair starts to shed, it can be very scary.
Blog about Hollywood Red Hair
On: Sep 8 2014 2:05 pm Hollywood Red Hair - Celebrity stylist Pasquale Caselle is a genius with spectacular red hues which are perfect with the hot Hollywood Red Hair movement.
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