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Blog about Hair Secrets Of Yvonne Strahovski
On: Jul 23 2014 8:14 pm Hair Secrets Of Yvonne Strahovski - A beautiful and talented actress, she has very interesting hair secrets. Follow the steps listed to steal her style.
Blog about How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars
On: Jul 22 2014 6:30 pm How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars - Shampoo bars are soap based solid bars used to cleanse hair. Shampoo bars may be used on the entire body unlike bar soaps.
Blog about Sexy Skinny Hairstyles
On: Jul 22 2014 2:21 pm Sexy Skinny Hairstyles- Regardless of your hair's type, texture, condition, length or color, steal Gwen Stefani's secrets for sexy skinny hairstyles.
Blog about Eyebrow Restoration
On: Jul 21 2014 9:36 pm Eyebrow Restoration - Eyebrow Restoration - Eyebrow restoration, developed for burn victims, is a surgical procedure which permanently restores eyebrows due to thinning or loss.
Blog about Too Dark Brunette To Smokin Honey
On: Jul 20 2014 9:22 pm
Blog about Bleach Bowl Haircut
On: Jul 19 2014 8:47 pm Bleach Bowl Haircut - Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis in her role as Cameron Howe in AMC's Halt and Catch Fire showcases a classic Bleach Bowl Haircut.
Blog about Blonde Hair Equals Instant Confidence
On: Jul 18 2014 9:12 pm Blonde Hair Equals Instant Confidence - Maximize benefits of going blonde by wearing a sexy red dress. You'll look amazing and fly with self confidence.
Blog about Married At First Hair Sight
On: Jul 18 2014 5:30 pm Married At First Hair Sight - The three couples were allowed to list absolute deal breakers. Were any of them tied to hair type, texture, length or color?
Blog about Trust Hair Reviewers
On: Jul 18 2014 3:52 pm Trust Hair Reviewers - Do you wonder if you can really trust hair reviewers with the products they're pushing?
Blog about Side Flat Hair Twists
On: Jul 17 2014 9:46 pm Side Flat Hair Twists - Khloe Kardashian set the hair world abuzz in 2013 with her version of side flat hair twists which Heidi Klum showcased recently.
Blog about Hair Fairy Dust
On: Jul 13 2014 7:52 pm Hair Fairy Dust - After experimentation with off-the-shelf powders I found great results modifying a popular recipe which I labelled my DIY Fairy Hair Dust.
Blog about Ashley Greene's Loose Waves
On: Jul 7 2014 8:26 pm Ashley Greene's Loose Waves - Ashley Greene's Loose Waves - Ashley Green's loose waves brush the tops of her shoulders. Sassy and sexy they have hints of movie star sophistication.
Blog about Summer Scalp Treatments
On: Jul 5 2014 4:41 pm Summer Scalp Treatments - Whether you get too much sun, bug bites or poison ivy on your scalp and hairline, follow DIY Treatments for instant results.
Blog about Craft Foam Paper Hair Rollers
On: Jul 4 2014 7:39 pm Craft Foam Paper Hair Rollers - There are many types of non-traditional heat free rollers. Paper hair rollers offer some unique advantages to rag rollers.
Blog about Kendall Jenner's Herringbone Braid
On: Jul 3 2014 8:02 pm
Blog about Kylie Jenner's Hair Evolution
On: Jul 3 2014 4:06 pm Kylie Jenner's Hair Evolution - Kylie Jenner's hair evolution signals the emergence of the raven haired beauty from the shadows of her famous sisters.
Blog about Taryn Manning's Hair
On: Jul 2 2014 8:11 pm Taryn Manning's Hair - Taryn Manning's hair history is as fascinating as her film and TV roles. Her on-screen and off-screen hair is radically different.
Blog about How To Air Dry Fast
On: Jun 30 2014 9:14 pm How To Air Dry Fast - The essence of how to air dry fast is a specific fanning movement which safely, but very quickly, air dries tresses.
Blog about  DIY Cashmere Blowout
On: Jun 29 2014 8:57 pm DIY Cashmere Blowout - Transform your hair into a luscious flowing river of silky straight DIY cashmere blowout straight tresses. Follow the listed steps.
Blog about Long Hair On Celebrity Males
On: Jun 24 2014 3:37 pm Long Hair On Celebrity Males - Long Hair On Celebrity Males - Syfy's werewolf series, Bitten, features great examples of long hair on celebrity males especially on Clayton Danvers.
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