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Hairstyles Are New Fad Accessory & Smart Investment

According to industry expert, Suki Duggan, owner of Manhattan's Donsuki Townhouse Salon, (19 East 62nd Street, NY, NY 10021) during this financial recession, hairstyles have become the new fad accessory and the necessary, smart investment.

(Image of Suki Duggan of Donsuki Townhouse Salon - (212) 826-3397 - All Rights Reserved).

"Skip the latest designer bag and invest in a swanky new do that works for you in multiple ways and limits your return trips to the salon," says Suki.

She provides tips on how to keep your hairstyle chic with minimum cost, and how to expand the time between visits to the salon.

- Highlights require less upkeep than one-color process hair. To make your color shine longer, ask your hair stylist to use different shades of color.

- Bangs, although trendy and feisty, require a lot of maintenance. If you don't want to visit the salon twice a month, opt for longer bangs.

- Layering also requires more care than hair that is one length. If you are planning on layering your locks, beware that you will be paying for it twice a month. Consider going one length.

(Image of Suki Duggan of Donsuki Townhouse Salon - (212) 826-3397 - All Rights Reserved).

- Going short won't lessen the repair cost. It requires just as much or even more care than medium and long length hair. If you're thinking that this do will help you save money, think again. Try a medium length cut instead.

- Instead of expensive in salon hair masks and deep conditioning treatments, try daily scalp massages to maximize shine.

Daily scalp massages can be done at home when shampooing and conditioning your hair and only take a few minutes, and will leave hair looking shiny and healthy.

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