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Instant Updo Hairstyle With Scünci® Upzing™

Instant Updo Hairstyle With Scünci® Upzing™

Instead of pulling your hair out trying to come up with a really cute, but instant updo hairstyle, reach for the Scünci® Upzing™.

Y0u can literally whip your hair up into a stylish bun, updo, French twist or half pony and no one will even know how easy it was to do.  It can literally be done in a matter of minutes.

The Scünci® Upzing™ is amazing.

It's inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors that you can select to match your own hair color or go for a contrast.

Create dozens of different updo hairstyles with this popular hair accessory.

Two side combs measuring approximately 4 inches long are connected with a intricate web of elastic bead covered bands which makes it easy to use on your own hair or with the help of a friend. Hair updos are a snap with the Upzing™.

How To Use The Upzing™

  1. Start with hair which is newly cleansed or second day, but 100% dry.
  2. Use 100% boar bristle brush to direct hair into the desired part, fringe and front of the hair.
  3. Direct sides and back of the hair into position to form a mid back ponytail. Hold the base of the pony with fingers of one hand leaving the other hand free to insert the double combs.
  4. Hold comb between fingers and thumb as pictured.
  5. Slide first comb into hair facing down fitting to the contour of your head.
  6. Stretch second comb over to the opposite ear and flip comb to fit to the contour of your head.
  7. Slide combs together for secure comfortable hold.
  8. Finish styling by smoothing ponytail or adding curls with iron.

Optional Hairstyles

The beauty of the Scunci Upzing™ is that you are only as limited with hairstyles as your imagination.  Some possible hairstyles you might create include, but are not limited to:

1.  A braided ponytail with is folded over itself with the top of the braided tail at the top of the head or tucked under the Upzing™.

2.  A Half up/half down hairstyle with the Upzing™ holding the top hair neatly in place.

3.  The Upzing™ positioned  around a traditional French Twist.

4.  Positioned around a top knot.

The hair accessory has both pros and cons depending on various user feedback.

The Pros

The accessory is cute and also:

-  Available in either Large or Medium size for different hair types, textures and lengths

-  Secure hold

-  You can create dozens of styles with one easy stretch

-  Step-by-step hairstyles instructions on the outside of the packaging

The Cons

-  Not available in Small size which means it may not work for hair which is short, fine or slippery

-  The combs are made of a light plastic or metal material (depending on which Upzing model is selected) rather than a heavy metal

-  You may have to practice to get the hang of putting the hair accessory into your hair

Note: The Scünci® Upzing™ is available at in the Marketplace under the Scünci section.  Scünci is a registered trademark licensed to Conair Corporation.  Made in China

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