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Floral Hair Accessory 411

Floral Hair Accessory 411

HairFlowerCover2008Catalog_250h Floral Hair Accessory 411 - Hair Flower - Karina - - All Rights Reserved

Ever since the earliest humans on the planet picked a few wild flowers and tucked them into their strands human have been using flowers as adornment.

Listed below is a complete floral hair accessory 411:

1.  Floral hair accessories can be worn for any hair event from formal to informal.

2.  Spring and Summer are not the only seasons when floral hair accessories can adorn hairstyles.  For Fall and Winter select floral accessories for those seasons.

3.  Celebrities love floral accessories.  Don't believe me?  Amanda Seyfried worn a floral adorned on the cover of Instyle Hair Magazine.

4.  Babies look adorable in adjustable headbands adorned with flowers.

5.  Children can rock hair accessories at a christening, dance recital, in a wedding, at a birthday party or just because.

6.  Floral hair accessories are available in every imaginable color, size, shape and attached to {{asin=B00DQEXFGS,text=headbands}}, hair clips, bobby pins, barrettes, jaws, claws, hair sticks and hair combs.

7.  If you can't find the floral hair accessory of your dreams, you can easily attach a silk flower to your favorite hair accessory with a spot of craft glue designed to affix floral adornments.

8.  Although floral hair accessory designs are primarily focused on girls and women, men can wear floral hair accessories with confidence.

9.  Whether your hair is super short or very long, floral hair accessories can work  Whether you scale the size of the hair accessory to match the length of hair is optional.

Tarina Tarantino Dusty Pink Hair Flower Tarina Tarantino Dusty Pink Hair Flower

10.  Floral hair accessories are extremely flexible in terms of where they are placed on the head.  They can be secured at the bangs or around the hairline, along the top of the head or as an adornment for braids, ponytails, twists, buns or chignons.

11. Every type and texture of hair can rock floral accessories.

12.  Floral hair accessories are available in every price point imaginable including many {{asin=B009RRV5R4,text=hundreds to thousands}} of dollars.

13.  Some celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Niecy Nash, to name just a few have utilized floral hair accessories as their fashion statement.

14.  In 1965 Hippies wore flowers in their hair symbolically to transform war protests into a peaceful moment.  They became known as flower children.

15.  Flower power was a slogan of the flower children during the 1960s and the early 1970s tied to non-violence.

16.  Famed accessory designed Tarina Tarantino is known for her eye popping, mouth dropping collection of floral hair accessories.

17.  If you love floral hair accessories don't limit yourself to one.

FloralComb-6_250h France Luxe Floral Comb - Available On

18.  Long tressed hair accessory loves often refer to their floral hair accessories as "Floral Hair Toys".

Summary - Floral Hair Accessory 411

Regardless of what the accessory rules say, if you love to layer then go crazy.

You can layer a collection of small flowers around a hair twist, a small collection of floral embellished bobby pins around the hairline or do a little bit of both.

Current trends dictate a "do your own thing" climate with any type of hair accessories.

Talk To Me About Your Hair Toy Addiction

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Please leave a comment or chat with me on Facebook, Twitter or stop by the HairTalk forum.  I would love to hear your perspectives on floral hair accessories.

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