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Sexy Skinny Hairstyles

Sexy Skinny Hairstyles

GwenStefani-5_250h Gwen Stefani With Top Knot Ponytail -Sexy Skinny Hairstyles - The Voice - NBC - ©Pete Black

Nobody rocks sexy skinny hairstyles like the eternally lovely Gwen Stefani.

The picture perfect platinum blonde recently showcased a sassy tousled topknot which looked sexy, but also provided the benefit of making her face look slim and chiseled.

Selecting the proper sexy skinny hairstyles like Gwen's array of  hair knots, twists and buns are instantly slimming.

Anyone can look as much as 10 pounds slimmer just by styling their hair to give the illusion of taking off pounds and inches.

GwenStefani-400_250h Gwen Stefani With Lots of Hair Height & Volume At The Crown - ©PR Photos

Listed below are some of the hair styling tips Gwen employs:

1.  Pull hair up to the top of the head and position at or near the crown. A topknot hairstyle adds instant height for a super-slimming effect.

How To Do It

- Direct all of the hair up  into a ponytail positioned at the top of the hair.

- Secure ponytail with clear or color hair-friendly plastic.

- Coil the tail of the ponytail up and around the base. Pin into place.

- Use fingers to gently separate and shape the top knot into a sexy shape.

2. Boost body at the crown. Add lots of height right at the crown to instantly elongate the face for a leaner look.

How To Do It

- Back-comb or back-brush hair right under the crown.

- Use fingers to gently smooth a layer of hair over the teased hair.

- Spray with light holding hairspray.

GwenStefani-300_250h Gwen Stefani - 2011 MOCA Gala - "An Artists Life Manifesto" with Artistic Direction from Marina Abramovic - Museum of Contemporary Art, Grand Avenue / Los Angeles, CA, USA - 11/12/2011 - Photographer: Andrew Evans /© PR Photos

3. Frame your face with precision cut layers. Face-framing layers make a rounder face look like a slimmer oval.

How To Do It

-  Curl tresses around the face.

-  Gently finger pick hair around hairline near the temples, jawline and chin.

-  Apply a tiny bit of hair gloss or shine spray into palms of hands and lightly swipe over the top of the finished style.

Other Tricks To Maximize Sexy Skinny Hairstyles

GwenStefani-200_250h Gwen Stefani - ©PR Photos

Once you style your hair to maximize a slimming effect, apply your makeup to work in harmony with your hairstyle.

Follow the steps below:

1. Start by slimming with concealer - Blend concealer appropriately to brighten your face along the center.

Focus concealer into three key areas in order to weave a subtle, face-slimming center down the middle of your face:

- Between your brows extending upwards towards your forehead

- Above your cupid's bow along the top of your lip

- Under the center of your lower lip

2.  Amp up your natural bone structure - Use an illuminating powder to carefully trace the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and brow bones.

Showcasing your natural bone structure creates a more chiseled, angular look which is instantly slimming.

3. Instantly take inches off your face - Sweep a matte bronzer onto your temples, the sides of your forehead and under your chin and jawline to add slenderizing contour to the perimeter of your face.

GwenStefani-100_250h Gwen Stefani - THE VOICE - "Live Show" Episode 619A -- Pictured: (l-r) Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams - (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC) 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

After you have finished your face, lightly sweep the bronzer down both sides of your neck for an even more slender look.

4. Elongate eyes - By accentuating the outer corners of your eyes, it instantly balances the width of overly round or square face shape to create a more slender look.

Create elongated almond shaped eyes by sweeping a deep hued eye shadow shade into a sideways V shape at the outer corners of the eyes. Select from dark colors such as charcoal, rich chocolate, deep plum or gray.

5. Apply picture perfect mascara - Draw attention away from overall face shape by creating perfect eyelashes.

Position a business card at the crease of your eye lids. Gently lift the lid upwards. This will instantly expose the roots of your lashes.

Deposit the most mascara at the roots. Utilizing this method will also create a barrier between the mascara wand and your eye lid so you don't get flecks of mascara on your brow bone.

6. Maximize your lips - Plump up the center of your lips by adding an attention getting highlight to the center of your lower lip.

It will attract attention to the center of your face, so the perimeter of your face looks smaller.

AdamLevineBlonde-3_250h Gwen Stefani - THE VOICE - "Upfronts Season 7 VTR" - Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton - (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC) Monday, May 5 at The Voice Stage - 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

For subtle shine, dab a shimmery gloss at the center of your lower lip. If you prefer major sparkle, dab your ring finger into a nude shimmer eye shadow.  Tap over the center of your lower lip

Summary - Sexy Skinny Hairstyles

Sexy skinny hairstyles can easily be accomplished with carefully staged hair and makeup.

Gwen Stefani always provides great hair and make-up examples of how to look sassy, sexy and slender.

Regardless of your hair's type, texture, condition, length or color, steal some of Gwen's secrets for sexy skinny hairstyles and make them your own.

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