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Hair Consumers Can Have Sexy, Wearable Hair Every Day

Introduction - Hair Consumers Can Have Sexy, Wearable Hair Every Day

Sandra Bullock - Actress With Sexy Wearable Hair Sandra Bullock - Actress With Sexy Wearable Hair

UK's famous celebrity hairstylist, Mark Hill, has achieved a global reputation for creating hairstyles which everyone wants.  Mark creates gorgeous easy to wear hairstyles with a glamorous edge.

Hill is so famous for his ability to show how consumers can have sexy, wearable hair every day that he's in demand around the world. The renowned master of sexy wearable hair shared tips in Bangkok, Thailand on his recent visit there.

Part of the reason for Hill's visit to Thailand was to introduce consumers there to his eponymous hair care line while helping create awareness for a series of video clips which showcase his popular hair philosophies.

VIP Hair Clients

Hill also made his hair styling talents available to a group of VIP clients in Bangkok who forked out Bt50,000  (approximately $1,600.00 US) for the privilege.  The fees raised from the event were donated to charity.

The VIPs who managed to receive his hair styling attention were thrilled with the results.  Why wouldn't they be?  Hill is known for his ability to create eye popping hairstyles.

What makes Britain's favorite celebrity hairdresser unique is his attitude and beliefs about how hair consumers today deal with their tresses.  He acknowledges the fact most people  just don't have the money for regular salon visits like they did before economic changes which have occurred over the past few years.

Kate Hudson - Celebrity With Sexy Wearable Hair Kate Hudson - Celebrity With Sexy Wearable Hair

Hill believes it's important to be able to offer hair consumers the ability to create easy to wear glamorous hairstyles at home with affordable, salon-quality hair care products.

As a result of his beliefs about today's hair consumers, he has created how-to videos to demonstrate the very latest techniques in home styling.

Sexy, Wearable Hair - Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson & Michelle Pfeiffer

The celebrity hairstylist has won a wealth of awards over the years including "Hairdresser's Hairdresser of the Year" and "Master of Sexy Wearable Hair".

He is known for having created red carpet looks for some of the world's biggest pop stars, TV presenters and actresses.

Although the list of his famous clients is endless, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Myleene Klass, Tess Daly and Joanna Lumley are some of his well-known head.

Michelle, Kate and Sandra are noted for their sexy wearable hair styles.

Secret Of How Hair Consumers Can Have Sexy, Wearable Hair Every Day 

Hill believes it never too hard for anyone, including hair consumers, to have sexy, wearable hair every day.

Kate Hudson With Sexy Wearable Hair Kate Hudson With Sexy Wearable Hair

He believes the primary secret lies in utilizing quality hair products combined with heat styling.

Why heat styling?  Heat styling is key for creating voluminous flexibility to tresses which are flat on top while creating easy to wear hair with a glamorous edge.

Summary - Hair Consumers Can Have Sexy, Wearable Hair Every Day

Hill wants people to enjoy their hair, feel good about it while having fun.

He said "I think every girl wants to enjoy her femininity. It is about having a haircut and style that you can easily handle on a day to day basis. To me, it's about having fun with your hair.   My philosophy is all about wearability, the style that looks good on each individual."

Although the famous British hairstylist is a fixture on Red Carpets and travels to spread his message, he has explained he feels happiest when working with his team at his salon in the village of Kirk Ella in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Of course he also loves helping to teach consumers how to have sexy wearable hair every day.

Note:  This blog is dedicated to Cheryl Crosby, my dear friend as well as the best editor a writer could ever wish to have.

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