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Girls Love Curls Hairstyles

Paul Mitchell Photo Shoot Contest Winner Onita Luisi Creates a Collection of Multi-textured Dual Looks for the Season

Onita Luisi from Marlboro, New Jersey was one of the winners of a John Paul Mitchell Systems Photo Shoot Competition.

As a result of winning, Onita was flown to Los Angeles to bring her entry's creative idea to life, working with Paul Mitchell Editorial Director and NAHA winner Lucie Doughty and a team consisting of a top editorial photographer, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist.

(Image Courtesy of Paul Mitchell Blonde Model Ashley and Right Hair: Brunette Model Minta.  Hair by Onita Luisi, Photography by Sean Armenta, Makeup by Jennifer Thorington and Creative Consultant: Lucie Doughty All Rights Reserved).

Luisi submitted her portfolio entry highlighting her top cuts, color and styles of her career, along with brainstormed inspiration boards for her dream editorial shoot for the judges' consideration.

At the photo shoot, judge and shoot mentor Doughty coached Luisi through the process of putting together an editorial quality photo shoot based on her inspiration of the Yin Yang theory.

Onita  said "inspiration for my Yin/Yang Trilogy collection stems from teaching the new stylists in training at my salon Chips over the past 10 years. As we are a multi-ethnic salon, we have a multitude of ethnic combinations of hair to work with. I noticed that our stylists were shy when it came to ethnic hair so I developed a training program which encompasses both textures.

This collection is designed to show the duality of the textures and how they can simultaneously yield the same intended, harmonious look, as expressed in the theory behind the Yin/Yang."

Onita Luisi demonstrates Girls Love Curls with step by step instructions on how to recreate the look.

Girls love Curls - Look 1

Model #1: Ashley

"Ashley, like many blondes that we see at Chips Salon, has a mane of fine fabric," says Luisi. "She needed extra volume and shine for her hair."

1.  Hair was prepped with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Shampoo® and Conditioner®.

2.  Tresses were boosted with Extra-Body Sculpting FoamTM.

3.  The hairstyle is blown-out full with the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush. 

4.  Individual strands are twisted into pieces with multi-sized barrel irons while using Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray®.

5.  Curls were then tousled and brushed lightly with the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush.

6.  The hairstyle was finished with a drop of Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops® for shine and definition.

Model #2: Minta

"Minta is typical of the client I see every day at Chips Salon. Her hair was medium-textured silky soft with a natural corkscrew curl."

1.   After being prepped with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny® Daily Shampoo and Super Skinny® Daily Treatment, Minta's hair responded well with some of Super Skinny Relaxing BalmTM.

2.  Hairstyle was blown out for fullness with the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush, hair was smoothed with the Paul Mitchell Express Ion StyleTM 1.0 iron to smooth out her new growth prior to curling with a collection of different sized barrel irons.

3.   Hairstyle was held with Paul Mitchell Hold Me TightTM finishing spray.

4.   Hair was finished with Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops® for definition.

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