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Are Your Hair Vitamins Safe?

Introduction - Are Your Hair Vitamins Safe?

Hairtopia Hair Vitamins, Amino Acids & Herbals Hairtopia Hair Vitamins, Amino Acids & Herbals

It seems like a simple question - but is it really?

The problem is the question isn't black and white.  Neither is the answer - are your hair vitamins safe.

Instead, you should be asking a series of important questions to determine the safety of the hair vitamins you take:

1. Are your hair vitamin supplement's individual molecular constituents produced without toxic potential?

In the world of ethical supplement manufacturers, all vitamins, including hair vitamins are created with the goal of causing no harm.

This includes creating the highest quality formulas without any type of toxic potential.

The best vitamin manufacturers will constantly test and analyze any hair vitamin supplement formulations to guarantee this toxic potential does not exist or is greatly minimized.

Laboratory Testing Help Create Safe Hair Vitamins Laboratory Testing Help Create Safe Hair Vitamins

2.  Does the hair vitamin produce any secondary metabolic byproducts which may create potential for short or long term toxicity potential?

It's true a small amount of supplements taken for a short period of time will most likely not create any type of bio-burden or create any type of toxicity.

The same may not be able to be said about the long term effect of excessive supplementation or secondary products formed as a result of bacterial or enzymatic interactions.

Of course when hair vitamins are taken according to instructions, are manufactured by a quality lab and constantly tested, this risk is also minimized.

The DSHEA And The FDA - Vitamin Safety Watchdogs

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education  Act (DSHEA) was created in 1994 to serve as a guide to defining a supplements general classification as well as safety standards and allowed claims.

Unfortunately, while the DSHEA goes a long way towards defining supplement standards, ultimately any toxicity issues falls squarely on the shoulders of  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), especially when supplements are already being consumed by humans.

3.  Does the manufacturer of your hair vitamins follow Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) in the nutraceutical industry?  Has the manufacturer been inspected by the FDA and have they received any warning letters for violations?

This is a definite concern companies like takes with extreme seriously when contracting the manufacturing of our HairTopia vitamins.

As respected industry expert George Pontiakos told NutraIngredientsUSA "while the marquee names in the vitamin supplement industry have been voluntarily following GMP for years, it is a known fact that grifters, cobblers and vermin out there will position themselves to be price driven and not worry about efficiency, safety and quality.  Adulteration is a global issue."

Hair Clippings Hair Clippings

4. Does the manufacturer of the vitamins perform quality laboratory research and formulation analysis to guarantee the highest quality of safe, toxic free ingredients are utilized?  Or have they been accused of dry labbing?

The incidence of dry labbing has mushroomed recently.

It's the practice whereby a supplement manufacturer claims to have done the extensive lab analysis, research and verification of supplements without actually doing the work.

In many cases dry labbing means supplement manufacturers who are looking to cut corners to offer lower priced hair vitamins will fake test results.

HairTopia vitamins are often considered the most expensive hair vitamins on the market.  They're also considered to the very best with close to 14 years on the market offering exceptional results for hair consumers.

Are Your Hair Vitamins Safe? Why Are HairTopia Vitamins The Most Expensive

The reason?  It's not because is adding a high sticker price markup.  It's because we only source HairTopia from the very best manufacturer in the nutraceutical industry.

The only manufacturer of HairTopia vitamins for the past 15 years is considered one of the very best in the industry, has the highest level of certifications which many manufacturers have not been able to acquire.

The HairTopia manufacturer follows exceptional cGMP practices.  They also perform exhaustive lab analysis, testing and quality verification with each and every HairTopia batch.

Although this greatly adds to the ultimate cost of the HairTopia vitamins, is not willing to cut corners when it comes to safety.

We believe it's really true you get what you pay for. has always gone the extra mile to ensure the absolute safety of any vitamins, nutrients or herbs sold to hair consumers for the past 15 years.

Karen Marie Shelton Hair Karen Marie Shelton Hair

Note:  I've been taking the HairTopia vitamins since they were first introduced in 2000.

My own hair (shown to the side) is a great testament to the product along with it's long term safety.

Summary - Are Your Hair Vitamins Safe?

When you're putting anything into your body, can you afford to risk purchasing the cheapest products?  Those hair vitamins may be the least expensive, but does the manufacturer consistently address all the questions listed above?

Bottom line, as a hair consumer, it's your ultimate responsibility to make sure that the hair vitamins you take are safe, have been manufactured with the highest quality of standards, have been extensively tested for potential contaminants and offer the very best possible ingredients for healthy hair growth and maintenance.

Remember, if the price of your hair vitamins seem to good to be true, they most likely are.  Take your time and do your research to make sure you get the very highest quality hair vitamins possible.

Not only will your hair love you for it, you'll avoid any unnecessary long or short health risks.

If you have questions about the safety of hair vitamins or related hair challenges please email [email protected].

Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Ricky Ray for his unwavering love, encouragement and support.  RR you inspire me every day to be the best I can be.

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